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We encourage and empower FTW (Femme/Trans/Women, Non-binary, Two-spirit) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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24 Aug


Bike Walk Ambassador's Fall Women's Clinic and Ride Series


on August 24, 2010   comments 1

Bike Walk Ambassadors are hosting clinics on Tuesday nights, 8/31-9/28 and are followed by a short ride afterward.  Saturday brunch rides are 8/28-10/2.  It's a great opportunity for women to get more comfortable on and around their bikes.  Info is below, and registration is here:

Ladies night clinics: Tuesdays 6 – 8 pm, Downtown Minneapolis YWCA (1130 Nicollet Mall). For each clinic, the first twenty registered participants will receive a related bike tool or accessory. Each clinic is followed by a short ride to build traffic skills.


  • Fixing a flat tire (8/31)
  • Bike fit and riding comfort (9/7)
  • Cleaning and tuning up your bike (9/14)
  • Route planning (9/21)
  • Night and winter riding (9/28)

Saturday brunch rides:

9:30 am – 12:30 pm, meet at Downtown Minneapolis YWCA. Brunch rides are a series of fun, social rides to explore the parks, trails, and foods of Minneapolis and St. Paul:

  • Minneapolis farmer’s market tour (8/28)
  • Minneapolis bakery tour (9/4)
  • Fort Snelling and Big Rivers Trail (9/11)
  • Cedar Lake and Luce Line Trails (9/18)
  • Mississippi Bridge Tour (9/25)
  • Grand Rounds (10/2)

11 Aug


WTF Voice From Across the Pond


on August 11, 2010   comments 0

One of the blogs I follow is Revolution Bike Style Now!, written by Laura/ shecycles.  The blog is not updated all that frequently, but I really appreciate Laura's voice as she describes her experiences as a WTF cyclist.  With her permission, I am re-posting an excerpt that I found particularly moving.

Via: / CC Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivative Works

...since I've started cycling my whole outlook on life has totally changed. I've always tried to be someone who lived by the D.I.Y ethic and I tried to keep active, live healthily and create as much as I can, but usually I'd just end up sitting at home on my laptop looking at things other people had done.

But then I bought a bike and started to cycle all the journeys I used to make by bus or tube. And I suddenly felt completely free, I wasn't paying extortionate amounts to sit on a crowed train and I could get there quicker. I could go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted. I really don't know how to describe the feeling of freedom that cycling gives you. I started to learn about the backstreets of London, see all the things you miss when you're stuck underground and I started to learn how to even fix my own bike.

I love stories of liberation via bicycle from WTFs just like you and me!  I think we can all identify with the feeling of freedom that riding a bicycle can bring.

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04 Aug


Lowrah's summer of bike camping- Pt. 2


on August 4, 2010   comments 1

This is Part II of my bike camping reflection.  Part I is here.

Becky, Greta, Kat and I chose the Lake Auburn campsites in Carver Park, just west of Excelsior along the southern shore of Lake Minnetonka.  I had heard these sites were easy to get to and secluded from car campers.  This is a map of the site, this is a map of the whole trip.

Arrival at Lake Auburn

We got together and planned out what everyone would be responsible for bringing.  Our meeting was really painless and had me anticipating the upcoming trip!

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03 Aug


"Bikes are Traffic", A Women's Course in Confident Cycling


on August 3, 2010   comments 0

Build your confidence in cycling and feel more comfortable in traffic!

Grease Rag Vehicular Cyling Skill-Share w/ Nickel 5/20/2010

"Bikes are Traffic", A Women's Course in Confident Cycling

Choose between Aug 4th or 11th from 6:30to 8pm
The Hub at 3020 Minnehaha Ave S

Learn intersection and lane positioning, pre-ride bike safety checks, gain experience riding in a small group, proper helmet fitting, navigating trails, women specific issues related to fit and saddles. Bring your own bicycle (BYOB)and helmet!

Please RSVP as soon as possible: nicole.waxmonsky(at)

26 Jul


What's up, Grease Rag?


on July 26, 2010   comments 1

Grease Rag has some announcements about exciting events coming up and opportunities to join us in organizing. It has been a rockin' summer so far, and it's not over yet!!

Cleveland Welding Co. Skiptooth Chainring
Via: / CC Attribution 2.0

Get Involved- Organizer meeting

We are having our next organizing meeting 6PM on Wednesday, July 28th at the Bedlam Theatre.  All WTFs (women/ trans/ femme) are welcome to come, even if you've never attended Grease Rag or a meeting before.  We need eager hands and enthusiastic hearts to help us realize our big dreams.  If you can't make it to the meeting but have something to say, shoot us an email.

We will be discussing how to spend the $ we made at the Pedal Party, our upcoming birthday party, and how to restructure our skill-share events.  And most importantly we'll be enjoying the Bedlam while we still can!

Patios and Parks WTF Ride

Marianne has taken it upon herself to organize a WTF ride this Thursday, July 29th!

(More details can be found on Facebook)

This is an event for women/trans/femme (W/T/F) cyclists of all ages and cycling-experience levels.

5:30PM meet at Matthews Park (Feel free to BYOB, BYOS)

Roll out at 6:30PM for a slow, fun, casual ride

Patios & parks routing will be:

  • Matthews to Beltrami Park in NE
  • Beltrami Park to Psycho Susie's in NE
  • Psycho Susie's to Clubhouse Jager on Washington Ave
  • ...Jager possibly to Bare Ass Beach (if its nice/hot out)

I'll be there, for sure!

Take a WTF Basic Bike Maintenance Class (It's FREE!)

Four Tuesdays in August.  More info here.

Recurring Events

Our next monthly ride to Sibley's women and trans night is on Tuesday, August 3rd.  Meet at 6PM at Sunrise Cyclery, roll out at a quarter after.

The next Ride & Wrench will be next week, Thursday, August 5th.

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