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07 Jul


Lowrah's summer of bike camping- Pt. 1


on July 7, 2010   comments 0

I'm sure I've said it here before, but my goal for summer 2010 is to do more bike touring and bike camping trips.

Thank you, trusty bike

Before this summer I had only done one overnight trip, to the Square Lake Film Festival, and for that one I threw everything in the sag wagon (support vehicle) so I didn’t have to carry anything and I was with a huge group of people should anything go wrong.  The ride was fun and stress-free, and I enjoyed the event despite the massive thunderstorm that rocked the campsite and canceled the last few live acts, raging into the night until about 6 in the morning.  I was nervous before the trip, but after successfully biking to Square Lake and surviving the intense storm I thought, “That was easy!  I want to try that again!”

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04 Jul


Cayla's Duluth Tour


on July 4, 2010   comments 0

Cayla has a blog called The Bicycle Diaries where she posts about her life with a bicycle, mix tapes every Friday (I love this feature) and other stories from her day to day. In Cayla's Rider Profile she mentions a bike trip to Duluth. She recently blogged about this tour, and I thought I would share a few shining moments from her post.

off to duluth

"Huss is in the BLUE jersey, Alex has on a fleece, but was wearing a GREEN jersey and that is me in the RED. As the trip progressed, we dropped our names and called each other by our colors. I liked that."

As you know, I enjoy riding my Bicycle. I have a handful of friends who also love this activity. A few years back, two of the gents I know (who love biking) and I started talking about the possibility of riding our bikes to Duluth and back. It was a saucy January night, if I remember correctly, so we got WAAAAY into this idea. We actually thought we could do a ride into Wisconsin, but decided that riding to Duluth and back was a good place to start. And the next morning, when I wasn't so saucy as much as spinny/pukey, I thought to myself, WHAT THE HELL! Let's do it.

I love the adventurous attitude of, "Let's do it!" I think the most important thing on a bike tour is resilience and enthusiasm.

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01 Jul


Conversations with Siouxsie, 3.


on July 1, 2010   comments 1

Conversation #3:

I don't like it when you lock me up next to ugly bikes.

Are you serious?

Yeah... I mean... what if the ugly is contagious?

Oh for Christ's sake.

I'm just sayin', maybe if you lock me up next to that sexy DeRosa over there, we might hit things off.

Hit what off?  What does that even mean?  It's not like you can procreate!

Get over yourself, fleshbag. and while you're at it, get me a new saddle.  Something sleek with some aerodynamics to it.

Listen here, Sioux, if I do that, it's going to be for my crotch's sake, not for your crush on some greasy Italian.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

I really could use a new saddle...

Yes, YES!

Fine.  I will go look at saddles.  But I can't promise that there will always be sexy bikes to lock you up next to.

It's hard when you're as good looking as I am.

You're so narcissistic.  I should probably get you some streamers so you can attract the REAL lookers.

You wouldn't dare.

And that hamburger bell, I know you've really wanted that...

I hate you.  You are everything evil in this world.

What's that?  You can't wait?  Let's go get them now?

One of these days the brake cables're gonna snap when you're going down Franklin and we'll see how much that hamburger bell helps you then.

Oh Sioux, you dish it out so easily but can never handle the shit you get in return.

Let's go home already.  Huffy over there's been giving me oogly stares all day.  I need to rinse the creep off with some good fast wind.

All rights.  Home it is.

29 Jun


"Learning Experiences" Challenge- LGRAB Summer Games 2


on June 29, 2010   comments 0


I originally posted about the Summer Games 2 contest on the Grease Rag blog here. I am going to be blogging about my participation in Let's Go Ride a Bike's Summer Games 2. Check out my first post on "Social Cycling," and get inspired to try something new!

The second set of challenges involve "Learning Experiences." From June 7- June 27 the challenges were to:

  • Perform a maintenance task- big or small!
  • Decorate your bike
  • Read a book about cycling
  • Carry a load on your bike- Groceries, etc.
  • Test ride a different type of bike than you normally ride

Perform a maintenance task- big or small!

This has been the hardest challenge to remember to take a photo of.  In the past week I have tightened chain ring bolts, cleaned my drive train, lubed my freewheel, worked on my rear derailleur (can't tell you how proud I am of that little achievement!) and tweaked various barrel adjusters.  Either these are things I just "do" without thinking, or by the time I think, "I need a photo for the blog!" I'm already up to my pits in grease.

Enter: Rainy Sunday afternoon.


I'm not made out of sugar (more like salt) so I don't melt when I get wet, but sometimes I do not feel like getting rained on.  Instead of riding, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon cleaning my roommate's bike- an old blue Schwinn Varsity.  This bike is great and has a ton of life left in it but it suffers from neglect.  The drive train was absolutely encased in dirty, gunky, old grease.  I could hear the grit in the derailleur spindles, the front tire was flat, rust spots covered the wheels and it was generally just looking sad.

Grease rags, all-purpose degreaser, latex gloves, some tinfoil, a tube patch, lube, grease, a couple of beers and a touch of baking soda later... A gloriously clean machine that's lubed and ready to roll.

In exchange for the bike-detailing, the roommate took some photos.  Awesome.

Perform a maintenance task- big or small!

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23 Jun


Pedal Party in a Box


on June 23, 2010   comments 0

Biking in a Box is HERE!

This Friday is going to be a great time to hang out in Uptown. The Bryant Lake Bowl's annual Uptown Pride Block Party is going down, and Grease Rag is having a party at the Biking in a Box space at 2441 Lyndale Ave.!

Pedal Party in a Box

Pre-party at the BLB and then come on over, or vice versa! It looks like there's going to be some precipitation: we have a roof. =]

This is going to be fun! Grease Rag is going to have baked goods for $donations$, music, dancing... BYOB! We can't legally sell alcohol in the space, but if you forget your B and you're really nice to me I might share.  ;]

Please help us have a successful event:  Tell your friends, pass the flyer around, tweet, facebook, get the word out!

We'll see you there- I'll be wearing a red bandanna and cupcake frosting on the front of my dress.

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