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We encourage and empower FTW (Femme/Trans/Women, Non-binary, Two-spirit) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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12 May


Vehicular Cycling Skill-Share, May 20, 2010


on May 12, 2010   comments 91

Used with permission via:

Vehicular Cycling

Sunrise Cyclery at Bryant/ Lake St. 7PM

Facilitated by Nickel

Nickel was certified as a Licensed Cycling Instructor (LCI # 2167) by the League of American Bicyclists in 2008 and hopes to encourage more women to become LCIs and year-round commuters.

Want to feel more comfortable in traffic? Uncertain about intersection positioning?

Come learn about traffic law and where to ride on the road, as well as negotiating bike lanes and Multi-User Paths (MUPs).  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of an LCI's knowledge and training for an hour and a half for the low, low cost of FREE.

In this skill-share we will cover:

  • Review of MN 169.222 and application
  • Principles of Traffic Law
    • First Come, First Served
    • Knowing Your Place in Traffic
    • Turning Left
    • Lane Changing/Intersection Positioning
  • Riding Safely
  • Be Predictable
  • Be Alert
  • Be Visible
  • Be Assertive
  • Be Courteous

Keep in mind the most important principle of BikeEd:

Cyclists Fare Best When They Act and Are Treated as Drivers of Vehicles

For more information about Grease Rag Skill-Share topics and schedule, please check out the Skill-Share page to your right.

09 May


Lowrah and Margoat take on 2010 Active Living Bike Expo


on May 9, 2010   comments 1

On the wet, windy, morning of Saturday April 24th, Lowrah and Margoat ventured out into the rain to bring the word of WTF riding and wrenching to the State Fair grounds.  They came prepared with waterproof outer-layers and fenders; one even put plastic bags in her shoes to keep her feet dry.  Nothing would keep them from the 2010 Active Living Bike Expo.

They arrived at the State Fair grounds thoroughly tried by the elements.  As they strode into the Education Building with their bikes, eyes were drawn to their dripping magnificence.  Looks of awe, wonder, amazement, and, perhaps, “shit, those two are crazy” came from the attendees and staffers as they walked their steeds to the parking area.  Five other bikes waited, lonely for friends, as they locked up their own and shed their protective gear.  The easy part was over.

Now the true trial began.

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07 May


Women's Track Night: May 12


on May 7, 2010   comments 0

Have you ever wanted to ride in the velodrome in Blaine?  Women’s Track Night is coming up on Wednesday, May 12!

Photo credit:  Dave Thimsen


New-to-the-track & veteran racers are encouraged to attend this FREE intro night. If you have never ridden the track before, this is a great, no-pressure way to check it out. Experienced women riders are encouraged to help out by coming to meet and encourage new women riders. Bring a friend or teammate who has yet to ride the track. (Veteran riders are welcome to ride from 5:30 until we get the new women up on the track.)

Arrive at the velodrome by 5:30pm to get set up with a rental bike.
Instruction will begin at 6:30pm.
Bring your pedals, shoes, helmet, cycling attire, and water.
The National Sports Center Velodrome is located just south of 105th Ave NE on Davenport Street in Blaine, MN.

RSVP to and indicate what size bike you will need.

Women's Track Night also serves as week one of the four week women-only introductory track class, which is a precursor to racing on the track. For more information and to register for the full 4-week class online, go to:

Photo credit:  Steve Kotvis

If you'd like more information or if you'd like to connect with some of the women attending this event, check out the mplsbikelove thread.  (Carpools are being organized here.)

If you attend this track night, let us know how it went!

03 May


Group Ride to Sibley's Women and Trans Night


on May 3, 2010   comments 14

Sibley Bike Depot has a Women and Transgender Night every Tuesday from 6:30-9PM

Have you ever wanted to check it out?  Are you a little timid about  riding to St. Paul?  Just want an excuse to go on a ride with us?  We have a solution:

Group ride leaving from Sunrise Cyclery on Tuesday, May 4th to Sibley Bike Depot

Meet at Sunrise Cyclery, 901 W. Lake St. at Bryant Ave. in Minneapolis, at 6pm

We will ride to Sibley Bike Depot, 712 University Ave. W. in St. Paul

The purpose of this ride is to casually ride to Sibley together where we will check out their women and transgender night, hang out, wrench, and then ride back to Minneapolis together.  Lights are required for this ride.

This will be a really easy, casual ride, basically this route. This is a really good opportunity to see what Sibley is all about, especially if you can't make Grease Rag on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays.

(If enough people like this idea, I would be down for doing a ride the first Tuesday of every month or something like that. Let me know if you're interested!)


28 Apr


Organizer's Meeting 4/30


on April 28, 2010   comments 0

Join us this Friday evening, April 30th at 6pm, as we plan more great activities for the summer. 

Have a topic you'd like to see us discuss?  Or an awesome route we should ride?

Come share your ideas for how to make Grease Rag better.

Friday, April 30th.   6pm - 7:30pm

Bedlam Theatre, upstairs .  1501 6th Street South, Minneapolis.

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