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We encourage and empower FTW (Femme/Trans/Women, Non-binary, Two-spirit) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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18 Apr


2010 Active Living Bike Expo, April 23- 24


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Bicycles May Use Full Lane

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2010 Active Living Bike Expo is Friday, April 23 from 3-9PM and Saturday, April 24 from 9-6PM in the Education Building at the MN State Fairgrounds.  Admission is FREE with a Food Shelf or BikeMN donation.

Thousands of people will attend the Expo, and this could be a fun way to spread the word about the Grease Rag, and network with other female cyclists.

Jamie, owner of Sunrise Cyclery, will be sharing their table with us.  Hang out, walk around, meet nice people!


Friday 3-6 or 6-9, Saturday 9-1:30 or 1:30-6.

We already have one Grease Rag volunteer for each shift, but it would really be more fun with at least two people per shift.  Get involved and help us out!  Post on the Google Group thread, or email us.

16 Apr


Beginner's Bike Polo Day


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Beginner’s Polo Day – Saturday April 17

Corcoran Park – 19th Ave S at 33rd St., Minneapolis


The Minneapolis Polo Club wants more people, especially women, to start playing bike polo.  This Saturday, you can give it a try.  If you need to borrow a bike, we will have “polo bikes” that are set up to be ideal for playing polo.  We will also have mallets to borrow.

We will help you get comfortable with the bike and mallet, and you can practice shuffling and shooting.  We can even do some “drills” if you want.

This will be the perfect opportunity to try playing polo in a relaxed setting.  No competition, no physical play.  Just a fun time to get new players out on the court!

Hope to see you there!

12 Apr


Roadside Repair Skill-Share, April 15, 2010


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Fixing a flat

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Roadside Repair

We will be covering some mechanical skills, what tools to carry, and helpful tips on how to keep rolling after you've had a mechanical issue.

Facilitated by Kat and Lowrah

1.  Give Yourself a Break- There is nothing wrong with using your bus pass or phoning a friend to bail you out when things go less than perfectly.  We will talk about some non-mechanical options for getting home.

2.  Tools to Carry- You don't need specialized tools to fix most problems.  We will show you the minimum you should carry, and talk about how to use these tools.

3.  Fixing Flats- Learn how to assess a flat, discern a possible cause for the flat, patching and booting, and also practice changing a tire!  We will also share some tips for avoiding flats.

4.  Chains-  Put your chain back on if it falls off, and use a chain tool if you have a bent or broken link.

For more information about Grease Rag Skill-Share topics and schedule, please check out the Skill-Share page to your right.

09 Apr


Women On Wednesday (WOW) Trail Watch


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So many bridges over the Midtown Greenway
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There is a new Women on Wednesday (WOW) Trail Watch Ride lead by our Grease Rag friend, Susan.  Here's a note from her about the event:

Hello!  My name is Susan and I am the Midtown Greenway Coalition’s Trail Watch leader on Wednesday nights.  This is a woman-friendly ride:  encouraging women to bike and volunteer in order to make the Greenway our own space, to make it safe for all bikers to ride and to create a visible community of women on Trail Watch.

Ride starts at 8 pm and continues until 10 pm.  We meet at the 10th avenue entrance to the Midtown Global Market, right above the Greenway.  Helmets and lights are required.  Riders will need to sign the Trail Watch Waiver to participate.

This is a relaxed and easy ride, great conversation guaranteed, treats encouraged.  Women on Wednesdays will officially kick off on April 14 and continue every Wednesday.  All are welcome!

Leave a comment here or visit the thread for more information.  I look forward to meeting everyone.

29 Mar


Events Schedule for Spring and Summer, 2010


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This is where you'll find the Grease Rag events schedule. Also check out our fliers around town.  Hope to see you soon!!

The GROUP RIDE is back on!

We also have some really exciting SKILL-SHARES planned for you this season

If you would like to get involved with Grease Rag, attend a monthly ORGANIZER MEETING

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