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01 Mar


DIY Saddle and Bike Fit


on March 1, 2018   comments 0

One of the most common reasons for people giving up on their bikes is pain. All kinds of pain. "I got injured and it just doesn't work for me anymore." "My butt/crotch/back/knees/hands/shoulders hurt." Pain has as many causes as it does forms, but there are a few things we can try to diagnose it on our own. One of biggest things that can cause pain is "bike fit." Bike fit is how your body and bike fit together, and can be influenced by size, strength, flexibility, and gear.

Some of us Grease Rag Friends attended a free saddle and fit workshop put on by the Hub, Surly, Midwest Mountaineering, and Gladys Bikes. This post isn't a recap of the event, but a combination of some things I know and some things I learned, from my perspective as someone who wants biking to be as accessible to you, FTWs.


Images from the event via Surly Bikes

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26 Feb


Day 27 of Loving Winter 2018


on February 26, 2018   comments 0

I #lovemnwinter, today I love winter cocktails!

In summer, I like beer and kool aid. In winter, I like booze and coco. What do you like to drink in the winter months?

Here are some favorite libations, offered to my winter god, Skade.

Hot Coco Cocoa

cocoa.jpgHeated coconut milk, regular old (cheap) cocoa mix, a sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne. This is is super rich and creamy with a little punch to the tastebuds.






Sweet Sweet Cheap Bourbon

bourbon.jpgMy budget Manhattan recipe! Put a few ice cubes in the glass, pour a little bit of cherry syrup from a jar of maraschino cherries (I like to buy the $1 jars from Cub), throw in a cherry or two. Pour the bourbon over the ice/syrup. Add a splash of room temperature water.



Fire Cider

fire_cider.jpgFire cider is a tart and potent drink that I like to cut with a bit of hot water and honey. I drink it to boost my immune system and kick annoying cold symptoms. My favorite fire cider is from Pickle Witch. You can read more about fire cider in Day 22 of 2018’s #ilovemnwinter: Making Healing Foods.

25 Feb


Day 25 of Loving MN Winter


on February 25, 2018   comments 0

I #LoveMnWinter! Today, I love taking time to dream.

By Low Kling

We all know summer in Minneapolis is lit. Grilling, group rides, lake swims, cut offs, windows open.
But the warmer, brighter months can feel really overwhelming and hectic for me. Winter is the time where I dream my biggest, most colorful dreams for myself.
It is different for everybody, but I feel like my mind benefits from a tidy workspace. Winter is a beautiful time where the stark, sparse view out of my window is a reminder to clear the clutter of my mind. To take some breaths and just sit with myself and my thoughts. To take a walk in the cold, walking like a baby penguin on icy sidewalks. To sip a hot beverage slowly, slowly, slowly.

If the thawed seasons for for biking doing socializing going going going... the frozen season is for dreaming. Chasing a little idea or a little inspiration and going all the way in, all the way down the rabbit hole.  So far I've read about Captain Cook's death in Polynesia, the illegal annexation of the state of Hawaii, started reading the Roxane Gay and Ta-Nehisi Coates reboot of Black Panther, planned out the next three months for my business, and have been connecting with BIPOC creatives and makers for another project I'm working on. 
All of these things started off as a tiny ice cube, but I started exploring and discovered a whole iceberg of things to learn and people to meet. Did anything get produced? "Done?" Not really. But my relationships are growing, my brain is being fed, and I wouldn't have had the attention span in the full swing of summer.
I love winter for being a blank canvas for my busy mind.
Read about last year’s collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February, and sign up to share a post in 2018 here. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls.

24 Feb


Day 24 of Loving MN Winter


on February 24, 2018   comments 0

I #LoveMnWinter! Today, I love the shifting landscape.

By Patrick Avery Weber


I was biking to and from St Louis Park, and as I was enjoying the quiet landscape of snow and still trees, I remembered back towards the end of summer when I biked on the same trail to a beach with friends.

It's weird that a few months ago the trail had so many people on it, and there were the sounds of nature. I had to strip down to my sports bra because of the heat.

Today I was praying my hand warmers would last a bit longer, and wishing there were more people around me to enjoy the trail and view.

Reason why I love MN winter: The route may not change, but the scenery will change and it is still beautiful.

Read about last year’s collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February, and sign up to share a post in 2018 here. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls.
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