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We encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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23 Apr


Spring events- Need volunteers!


on April 23, 2013   comments 0

You know it is spring when we start getting an increase in requests for Grease Rag Ride & Wrench to participate in events!  I would like to present a few of these opportunities here, and see if anyone in the group has interest in volunteering.  Please leave a comment below or email  If we have enough volunteer interest, I can answer these requests and start organizing the event.

"Learn to bike"

A woman contacted me and is interested in learning how to bike, with 3-4 of her friends.  They do not have bicycles.  

To make this event happen we would need a location to learn to ride, bikes, and 2-4 volunteers.  I have ideas for locations.  As for bikes, we have several community partners that would be candidates for providing bicycles for a few hours.  These volunteers would not need to have any experience teaching people how to ride, because I have experience and would be very willing to help you teach!  Ideally, "learn to ride" classes should be a series, but because we do not have that capacity (unless a community partner wants to create a series) this will be a 2-4 hour event.

Beeyond a Bike Workshop

May 25Beeyond a Bike will teach a wheel-building class.  Beeyond a Bike, a Canadian woman passionate about bicycles, social justice, women and outreach, is traveling on a mobile bike shop across North America, then the length of Africa offering inclusive bike mechanic education and workshops as she goes.

To make this event happen we need to partner with a space, sell tickets, purchase supplies, and the time of 2 or more volunteers.

If there is not enough interest in the workshop, Beeyond a Bike is interested in other ideas for the mobile bike shop, including a "Learn & Ride": 30-45 minutes learning how to do a quick tune up then bike as a group to a fun destination, etc.

"Spring Into Biking"

Saturday, June 1, 11-4p Freewheel, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and the Midtown Greenway Coalition are planning a "Spring Into Biking" event similar to Freewheel's Winter Bike Expo, with the goal of getting warm weather cyclists excited about biking again.  There will be safety, equipment, and cyclist's rights, etc. classes all day, in addition to live music, bike demos, fat bike course, activities for kids, info tables, etc.

How would we like to be involved?  A bike tune-up station with our community partners, tabling, a demo, a group ride?  They are open to suggestions.

Girl Scouts- Bike maintenance and handling

Sunday, June 2, 2-4p, at Brookview Park in Golden Valley, a Girl Scout troop of 33+ K-4th grade girls would like to have us teach them about how to use gears, bike sizing, safety, and some maintenance.  This group includes 21, 7-8 year olds, and 12, 9-11 year olds, and there may be an additional troop of 5-7 year olds that join.

To make this event happen they have requested that we have 1 instructor: 3 participants, and volunteers would need to be able to come before 2 to set up and stay after 4 to clean up.

Corcoran GROWS- Local Economy Fair

Saturday, July 20, Corcoran GROWS, a local transition town initiative, is hosting a Local Economy Fair, which is going to include a variety of Do-It-Yourself workshops for neighbors.  They would like Grease Rag to lead some kind of bike repair clinic in Corcoran Park.

To make this event happen we would need 2 volunteers.  I can provide a script for giving a presentation and practice with volunteers if they don't feel confident presenting, but topics can be things like, "How to lube your chain," and, "How to clean your bike," or, "How to change a flat."  I can provide tools and a bike stand if necessary.  They are also open to having us do something else at the fair.

23 Apr


What would a nerd wear?


on April 23, 2013   comments 0

It is not unusual for me to develop a blog crush.  So many smart and talented people write about what they are passionate about, for no other payment than the satisfaction of connecting with people through the mighty intertubes.

What Would a Nerd Wear

Although the blog has not been updated in a year, I still go back and flip through the posts.  Tania started taking photos of her outfits and posting everything from, "Hi, Mom!" to book recommendations ("nerd"= bibliophile), as "an experiment for [herself], to try to dress a little more creatively with a limited wardrobe and budget."

And the best part?

"I ride my bicycle pretty much everywhere, so most of my outfits are bike-friendly."


She wrote a guest post on Simply Bike about bike dates, and I love that she says,

While all of these dates have been special to me, I think it’s our daily bicycle date–our easy 2 mile route to campus together–which has become my favorite of all. It’s our chance every morning to breathe in the fresh air together, watch the leaves turn and the weather change, and catch up with one another. We ride together in the rain, on the crisp fall days, through the roasting humid days of summer and every day through the winter when we are so bundled in our balaclavas and hats that we can barely hear each other. Some of our best and sweetest conversations have been side by side on our bicycles on our daily route to campus.

Only by bicycle can a commute become a date. And I’m lucky enough to date the handsomest commuter on the road.


For inspiration, check out some of her "winter (it must be a little warmer there) favorites",

and some of her "spring favorites", because we can't really decide which season it is yet.

10 Apr


League of American Bicyclists: Women & Equity Survey


on April 10, 2013   comments 2

Women & Equity Survey

The League of American Bicyclists recently launched a Women Bike program for the purpose of "empowering, engaging and elevating more women to get on a bike and ride, as well as influence the bike advocacy world." The League has also formed the Equity Advisory Council charged with "guiding the organization’s efforts to become a model for equity, diversity and inclusivity both in its internal and external programming."

To help these two initiatives along, the League has asked organizations fill out our brief, online survey by April 12th.

  • Identify initiatives related to equity and women around the country
  • Understand what resources would be helpful to YOU as we move forward
  • Benchmark key demographics among cycling organizations currently

What do you do to promote gender parity in cycling?

Grease Rag's mission is to encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.

Our goal is to provide a space for women, transgender and gender queer cyclists to create a community.  We have potlucks, bike rides, craft nights, bonfires, and bike camping trips, in addition to our open shop nights where WTF cyclists can come into a bike shop and use our tools and collective knowledge to fix their bikes for free.

90% of our events are aimed at being social, for beginner riding levels, and are WTF only for the purpose of building community.

We advertise in places where WTFs looking for rides might hang out: bike co-ops, shops, internet, Facebook, food co-op, coffee shop, gay pride, book shops, etc.

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09 Apr


Grease Rag NE is TONIGHT, 9 April!


on April 9, 2013   comments 0

Join us at 7pm at Recovery Bike Shop (2555 Central Ave NE)! From 7pm – 730pm we’ll be doing a demo & discussion on the technicals behind a wobbly/ creaky crank. This includes a bottom bracket, crank, chain and freewheel discussion all in one, so it's bound to be a good time!  We promise we'll make it fast too. So bring in your project and your questions and we'll learn together about drive-train basics.

Oh, and you know there will be coffee.

From 730pm – 9pm we’ll have open shop to work on anything you like. Do you have any projects you want to work on?

Don't let the weather scare you.. beat the Grease Rag rush to Spring and build your Summer ride! :)

Location: Northeast

05 Apr


4/5 Grease Rag at SPOKES!


on April 5, 2013   comments 0

Every second and fourth Monday we are having a Grease Rag open shop night for women and transgender cyclists at the new SPOKES center in the Seward neighborhood.  The space is large, and we are happily partnered with a wonderful team of facilitators and mechanics. 

Join us on Monday, April 8, 7-9pm!

Located near the Light Rail Trail on East 22nd Street: 1915 East 22nd St.


The next SPOKES Grease Rag will be Monday, April 22, 7-9pm.

Check out our calendar for upcoming Grease Rag events. 

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