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02 Apr


Elyse Mary Stern Memorial


on April 2, 2013   comments 1

Elyse Mary Stern was killed by a drunk driver on March 30, 2013, while riding her bicycle at Lake St. and Cedar Ave.

A Celebration of Elyse's life will be on Wednesday from 3-6 PM with a Time of Sharing at 6 PM. There will be a group ride to Seward Cafe afterward for a reception at 7pm.

Bradshaw Funeral
3131 Minnehaha Ave. So.

Memorials may be directed to Women on Waves

Honor Elyse with Helmets and Lights:

Memorial donations are also being accepted at the Seward Café on Franklin Avenue.

I will update this post with any information about a memorial ride or ghost bike.

My heart goes out to Elyse Stern's friends and family.  Such a terrible tragedy.

29 Mar


HOWL at the Moon


on March 29, 2013   comments 0

Photo taken by Sveta Kovalchuk

Thank you to everyone that came out on our very first Full Moon Ride.  We at Grease Rag have been inspired by the Ovarian Psycos monthly Luna Rides.

LUNA RIDES are held every full moon and are STRICTLY WOMYN-IDENTIFIED ONLY! We do this for several reasons: 1. We are committed to creating a safe space by and for womyn of color. We recognize that oppression is real and its effects have created deep wounds within ourselves and our sisters. Healing is hard, but our Luna rides create a space free of judgement and hostility. 

2. We are urban youth on a mission to reclaim our indigenous understanding of womyn's particular relationship to the moon. We recognize that growing up in the city, it is easy for us to forget that we are connected to Coyoxauhqui but our Luna rides are a constant reminder that we come from the earth. 

3. In the safe space, we are better able to focus on themes that are pertinent to womyn of color such as sexual health and healing, reconnecting with out moon cycles, etc. 

*It is important that you leave your brothers, homeboys, husbands, boyfriends's, sanchos, and non-womyn significant others at home.... Our goal is to provide a safe space and a welcoming environment for our sister/ sister-identified folx. We want you to leave with a sense of confidence and security in taking back the night!

Our ride was different in that we encouraged all people to come.  It was definitely a different vibe than if we had only ridden with WTF, but everyone created a respectful space.  Just look at all of these things that went well.

Cookies- They were shaped like the full moon, yous guyz!

Slow pace- We had slower riders, fat bikes and one strong mama was pulling her child in a Burley!  Our easy pace was aimed at including and accommodating different kinds of riders, and encouraging conversations.  It was really great that people respected the pace.

The moon showed off her bodacious goddess body- That moon, that moon, that moon.

HOOOWWWLS- You only think it's silly until you do it.  Then you realize how good it makes you feel!

Go Around- In true Grease Rag fashion, we had a go around question about the moon.  People told stories about skinny dipping, sailing, buffaloes, and HOWLS.  It was really nice to share with people I knew, and people I just met.

Seward Cafe- Now open late!  Serving beer and wine!  Thank you for accommodating us, SC!  Service with a smile.

Although the intentions behind our Full Moon Ride were a little different from the Ovarians', I hope that we achieved some of the same healing and connection with our lovely friend, the Moon.  Mark your calendars for April 25th, the date of our next Full Moon Ride.  Hopefully next time there will be warmer temps and less ice, but either way, WE RIDE!

Thank you for the photos, Sveta!

27 Mar


Sunrise Cyclery celebrates their 9th birthday


on March 27, 2013   comments 0

The first place I went to when I moved to Minneapolis was Sunrise Cyclery.  One of the very first people I met in the city was Jamie McDonald, the owner.  Sunrise has moved to a new location since then, but I always find myself gravitating toward the shop when I'm just biking around.  It's my home base.  I know I'm not the only one, too.

Sunrise Cyclery was where Grease Rag started, on July 7, 2009.  It took zero convincing to get Jamie to stay open just for us, give us staff and space and tools, and encouraged us to pack the shop with awesome WTFs.  If that doesn't make you feel wanted, I don't know what will.

I'm happy to announce that Sunrise Cyclery will be celebrating their 9th birthday, and they are inviting us to the party!

Monday, April 1, 2013
 2901 Blaisdell Avenue South

From Facebook:

Stop in to help celebrate Sunrise Cyclery's 9th Birthday! 
Check out the new shop
8:30p Up the Mountain Down the Mountain is playing LIVE MUSIC
Eat some chili, guac & chips, enjoy a beverage
We can't wait to see you!

View Sunrise Cyclery's new location in a larger map

Visit Sunrise Cyclery's website, or like them on Facebook!

26 Mar


Full Moon Ride


on March 26, 2013   comments 0

At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face against mine.
Breathe into me.
Close the language-door
and open the love-window.
The moon won't use the door,
only the window.

Full Moon Ride

Meet at 8pm, Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The language door is only open a smidge, so we will be succinct:

Meet at Grease Rag House at 8, roll out at 8:30, howl at and ride under a full moon, wrap up with hot drinks/ cold beers around 10 at Seward Cafe (closes at midnight).

This will be a slow meandering ride on trails and some road. I'll be on my cruiser, so we're not in it to win it. Bring lights! Helmets are nice too!

All moon-loving bike riders are welcome to join.

RSVP on Facebook

26 Mar


Blog updates


on March 26, 2013   comments 0 is a work in progress.  Kind of like that frame you stripped down last fall, and now you've mostly got your components assembled but just need the time and a few tools to get it all finished up.  And you've never been happy with that saddle, but you are going to work on getting a replacement seatpost before you worry about that.

We have made some changes around here that we think you'll be very happy with!  Since we launched this new website from a new platform, we've been working on addressing your comments.

I want an events calendar!

You're going to like this.  See the Calendar navigation tab at the top of every page?  Clicking on that will take you to our Grease Rag calendar.  All events and open shop nights and rides are posted on this main calendar.  We are using Google Calendar, so if you click on an event it opens in Google Calendar, or the corresponding Grease Rag blog post!  This makes it easy for you to get the full details on any event, and you can even copy events into your personal calendar.  That's right!  I said, "You can copy events from our calendar to your personal Google Calendar."  This will make it easy for you to keep track of when Grease Rag is in your neighborhood!

When you visit a location page,  you can view events that are specific to that Grease Rag location!

I want to be able to read on my phone, tablet, etc.!

Your wish is our command! is now accessible on a whole smörgåsbord of Internet machines.  Check it out.

Why do I get your old URL when I search the intertubes for "Grease Rag"?

Our web developer is looking into a way for users that visit our old site to be redirected here, but that isn't ready yet.

I'll use this opportunity to say I don't know anything about SEO, and if anyone would like to volunteer their skills to help us woo Google's search algorithm, please contact us!

If you have any questions about these features, please leave comments down below, or email us at greaseragmpls at gmail.  Please let us know if something looks or acts funky.  We may not be able to fix it right away, but we definitely listen to your comments!

Thank you for donating your time and expertise to update the website, Jeremy Werst.

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