02 Jul


Long live Longo


on July 2, 2011   comments 1

From Velo News:

French cycling legend Jeannie Longo easily beat riders half her age to claim her fourth consecutive time trial title at the French national championships on Thursday.

It was 52-year-old Longo’s 58th French national championship title including track and road cycling.

My favorite part about this story is not that Jeannie Longo won her fourth(!) consecutive(!) time trial title at the French national championships(!), or that she is 52(!), or that this is her 58th(!) title.

My favorite part is that she crushed the competition by 42 seconds.

Jeannie Longo, you are too bad ass for a photo finish.

29 Jun


Leaving, on a jet plane...


on June 29, 2011   comments 1

Land of 10,000 Lakes

I am so excited to go on vacation to my birthland for a few weeks.  I will be shipping my bike out to Portland, OR a few days before I arrive.  (Thanks Jamie at Sunrise Cyclery for shipping my road beast!)  I have hot plans to ride the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Tabor, and all over the City of Roses.  I really want to check out Microcosm and pick up some zines for Grease Rag and myself, I want to drink coffee with PDX bike nerds, and meet a cycling advocate I look up to, Elly Blue.

Wish me luck, and if you have any hot tips regarding Stumptown, drop 'em here in the comments!

See you in a few weeks, lovelies.


26 Jun


Rides, hugs, vegan black bean burgers, birthday, love


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(A few more photos on the Grease Rag Flickr group.  Thanks, Jeremy!)


BIG thank you hugs to everyone that showed up for the party on June 11th.

Everyone pitched in to cook and to clean up at the end of the party, we got enough donations to cover the beer (woo!), and y'all practically licked the guacamole bowl clean, which was a huge compliment to my skill with 'cados.  The ride was sweet, I made some new friends, and I was super happy to introduce you all to Brent of Recovery Bikes and Jamie of Sunrise Cyclery.  Those guys/ shops are our biggest supporters, second only to you, the people that chose to hang with us on that wonderful Saturday evening.  We appreciate you!

July 7 is Grease Rag's 2nd birthday.  Terrific Two's!  There is a Grease Rag Ride & Wrench on the 7th... come out and celebrate with a ride and some bike grease in the shop.

We were also thinking of having a party sometime to celebrate...  What do you think?

22 Jun


I want to ride to SOLIDAGO BOMBAGO but I live in Minneapolis!! What Do I do?!


on June 22, 2011   comments 1

I'm sure that many of you are quite concerned about how you are going to meet up with the group ride to Solidago Bombago because you live in Minneapolis - but no fear! There will be a ride out of Minneapolis to meet up with the St. Paul Ride!

The Solidago Bombago poster. It will also be the t-shirt design on sale at the festival!

You can meet up with Low at Sunrise Cyclery at 9:30 am on Saturday morning.  She will lead a ride from Sunrise to Macalester to meet up with the rest of the ride, and then we will all roll out together to Stillwater.

Hope to see you there!