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We encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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07 Jul


Cycling up an appetite


on July 7, 2012   comments 0

I cannot pinpoint exactly when things began to turn around for me. Possibly it was moving to a large city in my late 20s where I was suddenly doing lots of walking - not for exercise, but as a natural part of living and getting around. But riding a bike was what really accelerated the process of getting my appetite instincts back on track, so the connection is a strong one for me. Experiencing my body as a useful machine and not just as a bothersome appendage to my brain was what really did it. Through cycling I began to think of food as fuel. If I wanted to ride, I had to eat. And at age 30, for the first time in what must have been 15 years, I was once again able to eat when hungry and stop when full, just like I did when I was a child.

Lovely Bicycle has a great article on her relationship to food over the years, and how riding a bicycle has reconnected her with her natural appetite and encouraged a healthier relationship with her fuel.  Please click through to read the rest of "Cycling Up an Appetite: Women and Food."

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06 Jul


CPBL: Learn to Ride Pilot Project


on July 6, 2012   comments 0

The Community Partners Bike Library is piloting a Learn to Ride program this summer, and will be holding two series of classes for adults open to the public this July; one series will be in St. Paul and the other in Minneapolis. The classes are geared toward helping those who have never ridden before (or who haven’t ridden in a long time) become confident and competent cyclists; we will focus on skills like balance, pedaling, braking, and shifting. The classes are free and we invite you to attend as many sessions as you would like!

RSVP to Essie at or by phone at 207-312-1102 at least one week before classes start. Please bring your own bike and helmet with you to class.

Class dates and locations:

St. Paul series
Monday July 16th, Monday July 23rd, and Monday July 30th
5-7 pm
Cycles for Change
712 University Avenue West
Saint Paul, MN 55104
RSVP by July 9th

Minneapolis series
Thursday July 19th, Thursday July 26th, and Thursday August 2nd
5-7 pm
Community Partners Bike Library Warehouse
2647 S 37th Ave. 
Minneapolis, MN 55406
RSVP by July 12th

05 Jul


Pizza by the Pond Bike Tour, 2012 Recap


on July 5, 2012   comments 0

When life gives you 110 heat index, keep pedaling.

Photo by Flickr user herent, used with permission

The Pizza by the Pond Bike Tour of 2012 went swimmingly!  10 of us pedaled almost 180 miles over four days, and we had one or two in the SAG vehicle carrying some of our gear, our food, and scouting our route.  The heat was the worst on the two hilliest days (of course!) and no camping trip would be complete without the severe storm warning we had on our last night.  No complaints though, because we could not have been a more positive, determined group of bike campers!

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01 Jul


Engaging New Cyclists


on July 1, 2012   comments 0

Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition had a happy hour discussion on "Engaging New Cyclists" and asked me to speak on behalf of Grease Rag.  Engaging new cyclists is a passion of mine, and I was more than happy to participate.  This is the rough outline of my speech.  I could write pages on the topic!

Grease Rag is a group for WTFs- Women, transgender, and femme cyclists.  We want to encourage people to ride their bikes with skill and confidence, because we believe that biking is a gateway drug to a better lifestyle.  As a group, we are open to cyclists of all skill levels, but to be the most inclusive, we try to be very "beginner-friendly."

We have a committed group of core-facilitators that are partnered with bike shops in 3 different communities that work together to provide 5 FREE DIY shop nights.

1st and 3rd Thursdays are at Sunrise Cyclery in Uptown

2nd and 4th Thursdays are at the U of M Bike Center with the Hub

2nd Tuesdays are at Recovery Bike Shop in Northeast

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28 Jun


Powderhorn 24 2012 Recap


on June 28, 2012   comments 3

The second annual Powderhorn 24 race started at 7pm on June 22, and ended at 7pm on June 23.  My heart is full of joy at how many people came out to ride, race, spectate, volunteer, photograph, and support the race.

Photo by Flickr user ibikempls, CC licensed

I was lucky enough to be on four-woman team: Big Brass Bell(e)s & the Copper-toned Calves!  We had a small team so we could ride a lot, and our goal was to ride hard and have a super fun time.  Mission accomplished.

Photo by Amanda Aranowski (Facebook: Used with permission)

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