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23 Oct


Free Bikes for Kids- Volunteer!


on October 23, 2012   comments 0

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need.

Last year Free Bikes 4 Kidz gave away 5,000 bikes through community partners, and this year they would like to give even more.  You can learn more at the Free Bikes 4 Kidz website, but here's the quick version:


After October 13th bikes can be dropped off at any Penn Cycle shop or any Bachmans Flower and Garden Center.  This can be done up until December 1st 2012.  (If you can donate $20 in addition to your bike, that will virtually cover the cost for us to get your bike back in ‘good as new’ condition.)


We literally need thousands of volunteers to clean, repair, and help us give away 5000+ bikes each year.  We love people who have mad bike repair skills, but if you don’t have that ability, we still desperately need you.  If you can wash and shine a bike, we need you.  If you can, pump up tires we need you.  If you can change tires and lube chains and hubs, we need you.  If you can help us move, load, and unload bikes, we need you.  In fact on Saturday, October 13th, we will need several hundred volunteers to help us unload 4-5000 bikes that will be arriving on that day! 

Here’s what you do.  Go to the Volunteer menu item on our website, and register.  You can register as an individual, or you can register a whole group that you are bringing along with you.  You can choose the location where you want to volunteer, the day, the time slot, and you can tell us what your skill level is.  Then when you arrive on that day, we will be prepared to give you tasks that fit your skills.  We generally have drinks and snacks available for our volunteers…plus we throw a huge party after the dust clears in December and ALL volunteers are invited—live music, food, dance, and fun!

I had a really good time volunteering last year.  You can sort parts, clean, or fix bikes up.  They had plenty of tools and parts.  I would recommend signing up with a friend- it's more fun that way.  =] 

Volunteer at two locations, in Hopkins, and in Maplewood.

23 Oct


City of Minneapolis- Bicycling Information


on October 23, 2012   comments 0

The City of Minneapolis Bicycling page is a great resource for cyclists!  Last night, at SPOKES, someone mentioned that they wished they had known about a bike trail detour, and I wanted to point out a couple of services that the City offers through their website.

View a Google map showing bicycle detours and sign up for emails that notify you about trail closures and detours.

City of Minneapolis Detour Map

Screen capture from the City of Minneapolis website

I encourage you to check out the rest of the website.  It has a TON of useful information!  Places you can rent bicycles, bike share, and get bike maps.  I love that the City promotes winter biking, Metro Transit's Guaranteed Ride Home program, and they even have some nice profiles on local bikers, including our friends Amy and Lee!

Another really helpful program is the City's new 311 app for mobile phones.  Of course, you can always call 311 to report potholes on your commute, busted water pipes and parking violations, etc., but their new app makes it that much easier to report maintenance issues.  With four different agencies managing the maintenance of bikeways, it can sometimes be confusing to know who to call, but the City has a list of maintenance responsibilities to help you sort it out.

I obviously spend a lot of time on the City of Minneapolis website, being a resident and a user of public facilities, but I will refrain from making this post any longer.  Another day, perhaps?  =]

I'll leave you with a short film featuring bike commuters.

"People that bike to work are just normal people... we're not weird.  (Despite the outfits.)"

Bike Walk Twin Cities from Bike Walk Twin Cities on Vimeo.

20 Oct


DIY Knickers- Bike Jerks Blog


on October 20, 2012   comments 0

Hey Crafty-Craftersons!  Have you ever wanted to make your own cycling knickers?  Easy style?  I'm not hating on store-bought cycling knickers as hard as Jeff does, but I know a lot of you are into making it yourself, so without further ado... Bike Jerks Blog shows you how to DIY.

P: So you cut them off and have extra material, what are you going to do with it?

A: Sew it on the ass

18 Oct


4th Annual Winter Biking Skill Share


on October 18, 2012   comments 0

Leaves are falling and the chill is coming.  Each day as I decide to wear heavier gloves and a warmer hat, I get more excited for the coming season.  Are you an expert winter rider?  Are you thinking of giving it your first try this year?  Consider joining us!

Grease Rag's 4th Annual Winter Skill Share

This is our fourth year having this winter event, and we are really excited to share winter skills with you.  This event is FREE and open to all women, transgender, and femme cyclists.

Sunday, November 4, 11a-2:30p
Lake St. YWCA*, Room 155-156

*You will need photo ID to enter the building

RSVP to the Facebook event

The program will start promptly at 11am, but you are free to come and go as you please.

If you can't make it to the event, we have write-ups of past winter skill shares (2009, 2010, 2011), and lots of winter biking posts on the blog.

UPDATE: Check out the recaps from our skill share! 

We will be bringing some snacks to share and a bunch of combined skills and experience to the YWCA.  We ask that you please bring any questions you might have, and a photo ID.  (YWCA policy.)

Yoga Stretches for Cyclists with Amelia
Bike Setups and Options, Including Tires and Fenders with Janni
Safety and Riding Tips with Kat
Clothing with Spanish
Bike Cleaning and Maintenance with Cali
Open Discussion Panel

Most of these topics have been covered in our previous skill shares, but by different folks with different backgrounds and perspectives.  One new addition to our program is the Open Discussion Panel.  I had a really good experience with a panel at the National Women's Bicycle Summit that I attended this summer, and we'd like to try that format at this event, in an attempt to have an engaging conversation about winter biking.

The fundraising that we've done over the past year will help give a very small stipend to all of our presenters, who are volunteering their time and knowledge for this event.  Thank you to everyone that has given money to make that possible!  Donations (stipend, snacks), volunteers (facilitators, presenters), and community partnerships (space, tools) are making this happen.

UPDATE: Check out the recaps from our skill share! 

13 Oct


Cycles for Change Winter WTF Programming


on October 13, 2012   comments 0

Cycles for Change in St. Paul has weekly open shop nights for WTF cyclists, and also an upcoming Winter Biking and Maintenance Class.  Cycles for Change is a friendly space with great programming.  Pay them a visit!

Women and Trans Shop Night at Cycles for Change
Weekly Hours - Tuesday 5-8pm

Women and Transgender Shop Night at Cycles for Change offers a safe and welcoming space for self-identified women, genderqueer, and  trans people in the dude dominated world of bikes. No matter what your level of experience, we welcome you to work on your bike, volunteer, learn, and teach.

Winter Biking and Maintenance Class
October 16 & 23 at 6pm
W&T Night is hosting two skill-share classes to share techniques about how to effectively ride your bike in the winter!  Come if you are interested in commuting by bike this Winter, but need some support to keep motivated or if you have experience and want to share what you've learned.  Facebook

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