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02 Nov


11/3 Grease Rag- Uptown


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Grease Rag is this Thursday, November 3rd!
(This event takes place the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month)

LAST Group Ride of the 2011 season!  6PM Meet at West River Rd. and the Greenway, we will end up at Sunrise Cyclery (901 W. Lake St. at Bryant Ave.) around 7, and wrenching goes until 9.

Grease Rag NE will be November 8th.

Grease Rag wants you to know...

Last group ride of the season is this Thursday.  Thank you to Kat for being a WONDERFUL ride leader this year!  See you in the spring...

Grease Rag's 3rd Annual Winter Maintenance Skill Share is Sunday, November 6, 12-3pm.  Check us out on Facebook.  Be there!

Kat chatted with Dana and Anna of Girl Germs about the skill share.  Check their stream for the full podcast on Friday.

If you're interested in participating in a WTF-only bicycle self-defense class, please let me know ASAP.

C.L.A.P. is asking for submissions to their winter issue!  Grease Rag is purchasing our first advertising space.  Check it out.

Saturday, 11/5- Girls Gone Grumpy!  Dudes, don't forget your skirts and dresses.

A word about safety and lane positioning.

The Hub Co-Op's Women's Appreciation Month was super cool.  Big thanks to all of the hard work they put into their month of women's programming.  (I had a particularly good time at Polo!)

STICKERS are here for a suggested donation of $1!  Get 'em while they're hot.

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01 Nov


Safety- Lane Positioning


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Safety first!

All of the reflective material and blinky lights in the world don't mean much if you are weaving in and out of traffic or cars buzz by you too closely, too fast.

Minimize risk by knowing how to position yourself in the lane.  This page is SO educational for both drivers of automobiles and operators of bicycles.  Please read the information, watch the video, and view the animation.  Then come back and ask questions, and tell us what you think.

It is set up as a FAQ, answering common questions and concerns:

  • “Biking in the middle of the lane like that sure looks dangerous.”
  • “I thought bicyclists had to keep all the way to the right.”
  • “Why weren’t you in the bike lane?”
  • “Wouldn’t you just be safer biking on the sidewalk?”
  • “You’re gonna get run over.”
  • “You’re impeding traffic.”
  • “You’re supposed to ride single-file.”
  • “Bicyclists don’t pay gas taxes, and shouldn’t be allowed on roads.”
  • “Bicyclists should be required to have driver’s licenses.”
  • “Too many bicyclists think the laws don’t apply to them.”

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30 Oct


Girls Gone Grumpy


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I met a lot of good friends at the last Girls Gone Grumpy.  It's sure to be a rowdy ride!

The 6th ever GGG and we're bringing back the Winter Edition!

Meet at Grumpy's NE for a 1:00 roll out, then ride with us to Grumpy's Roseville for a few...later on we'll cruise back to Mpls to Grumpy's Downtown where we'll get real grumpy and crunky.


We'll have some prizes, too!

From the GGG VI facebook event page.

28 Oct


C.L.A.P. Winter 2011 Submissions


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C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies Are Powerful) is a progressive quarterly zine that celebrates women in all their various forms of creative living.  Their goal is to celebrate, support and inspire women in all their creative capacities while keeping it fun.

I have the C.L.A.P. zines, if anyone wants to take a looksee.  =]

Now, I know a lot of powerful, creative ladies.  I wanted to let you all know that C.L.A.P. is looking for material for their winter 2011 zine.


Contributions for the next issue must be received by December 1st.

Our theme this time around will be "Our Bodies, Ourselves."

Possible topics that could be covered under this theme include:

Food and Drink
Reproductive Rights
The Mind/Body connection
Working with our hands
Body image

While it is encouraged to utilize this theme to inspire your
contribution, we aren't limiting pieces to the theme, so if you
have a different idea that you want to explore, go for it! Pieces
that are related to winter and health are especially encouraged
since it is such a difficult time for the majority of us here in

If you think you have something you'd want to contribute to this
issue, email us at creativeladiesarepowerful@gmail.com!

Guidelines for submission can be found on the C.L.A.P. blog, and you can also like them on facebook.

Grease Rag is going to support this awesome project by purchasing "advertising" space in the next C.L.A.P.  4" x 5" to get our message out there!  This is part of a cycle of WTF projects supporting each other.  Minneapolis Presents sold calendars to support Grease Rag, Grease Rag will support the next printing of C.L.A.P.  Pretty sweet, right?