Bike! Bike! 2013

By : Lowrah · June 27, 2013

Art by Alisha Rae

Bike!Bike! is an annual international conference of nonprofit bike collectives and other bicycle projects. It began in 2004 in New Orleans and is hosted in a different city each year.

Bike!Bike! 2013 will be in New Orleans, October 3rd-6th, and I hope I will be able to go and represent Grease Rag!  They are organizing in this Facebook Group, and I'm excited to learn more as they unveil what the workshops will be.  (Their website is, but it doesn't seem to be working right now.)

As an example of what Bike!Bike! is all about, here is the list of workshops that the Grease Pit put on when Bike!Bike! was hosted in Minneapolis, in 2009.

Workshops included:

  • How to Start a Bicycle Project
  • Street Politics
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Welding
  • BikeBike Organizational Structure Discussion
  • Conducting/Facilitating Meetings
  • Freak Bikes
  • Bicycle Generators
  • Working With At-Risk Youth
  • Conflict Intervention and Mediation
  • Anti-Oppression... Race
  • Staying Sane With Kids In The Shop
  • 3 Speed Hubs
  • Gender Forum
  • Exploding Bike Culture: We're Not Fucking Special
  • Running Successful Bike Maintenance Classes
  • Underground Book Keeping

I can't wait!!

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