Creating Better Allies- Come Into Our World

By : Lowrah · August 11, 2013

How do we create better allies to a movement committed to women and trans* equality and inclusion?

By bringing potential allies into our world.

I was sitting at a patio bar with a male friend, on a major street.

"Do you know that guy driving the van that just passed?"
"What about the guy in the car sitting at the red light."
"Well they were looking like they knew you or something."
"They are just staring. It happens when you go out in public."

Light bulb in the attic.

I have moments where I am in the "light bulb in the attic" position, DAILY. It is amazing what you can learn about other people's experiences if you're open to it and are given the opportunity.  Thank you for being patient with me while I blunder through examinining my own privilege, Friends.

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