Digital postcard from Kathleen

By : Lowrah · October 28, 2013

A digital postcard from a Grease Rag friend:

Dear Grease Ragers and particularly Sunrise Cyclery and all the GR helpers who make it possible: I moved out of state and got a flat the other day. My first flat on this particular bike/tires/tubes in the 3+ years of owning and riding. Thanks to the knowledge I have gained and the cool freebies along the way at bike related events (i.e. small patch kit). I was able to spot the thorn, fix the puncture flat and be back on my beloved. I am so appreciative of all the skills, support and friendship I have gained being a part of such a group of people! Thank you!

Kathleen, you are awesome!  Way to take care of yourself and your bike.  Your new home is lucky to have you!

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