Grease Rag in MN Women's Press

By : Lowrah · June 2, 2014

And the door is certainly open to new participants. "We always want more folks to come. You can bring your experiences and wisdom and add that to our community," Winkels said.

"What really keeps it going is love," Winkels added. "For a lot of attendees, it has been an important part of their personal growth, finding a community of like-minded riders."

Looking good, Lydia! 

Julia did a brilliant job speaking to a Minnesota Women's Press reporter.  Thank you to Kathy Magnuson for doing an excellent job listening to us and fact-checking.  The follow up with her was great, and we love being included in the magazine!

This interview is following our goal of getting more press written about Grease Rag by WTFs. We identified these goals at our last organizing meeting.

Be sure to check out the Grease Rag interview, and other wonderful stories in the Minnesota Women's Press.

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