Happy Together- Group Ride Planning with Lauren

By : Lowrah · May 10, 2014

Grease Rag friend, Lauren, wrote a great post on how to host awesome-fun group rides!  Check it out on her blog!

I love her definition of why group rides are the cats' pajamas.

Group rides are a great way to get a bunch of riders together for a bit of fun. Most of the time, you come away from a social cruise with new route ideas, places to visit or even new bike friends. These rides help keep the bike community vibrant, scooping up different types of riders and mixing them together. Hosting a ride can seem intimidating for those who haven’t done it before, but I really recommend it. It is very similar to throwing a party except on two wheels. You provide a welcoming atmosphere and maybe a theme and then all the people fill in the gaps.
It is where chemistry collides and beautiful things happen…

Lauren goes on to give enthusiastic tips on how to lead a successfull group ride.

Planning stage

Creating an event page

What to do the day before the ride

What to do the day of the ride

And some handy tips!  Do you have any to add?

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