By : Lowrah · December 10, 2011

Yet another publication recognizes Minneapolis as a rad place to bike... in the winter!

The article from Metaefficient names Five "Top U.S. Cities For Winter Bicycle Commuting".

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heralded by Bicycling Magazine as America’s most bike-friendly city, Minneapolis has seen success for its’ initiative in reducing car dependence. While the number of bicycle commuters do decline in the frigid winter months, the city estimates that 36 percent of bike commuters still pedal on clear winter days and a bold 20 percent brave the harsher conditions that tend to plague the area. Perhaps it’s the inspiration cyclists get from seeing others riding in the winter that will keep these numbers rising.

With over 60 miles of off-road trails, the city is speedy at removing snow from these areas, typically withing 24 hours. According to Minneapolis cyclists, the 46 miles of on-road bike lanes become a bit more challenging to keep clear of the piling snow as well as parked cars during the winter months. Cyclists can take advantage of Minneapolis’ Metro Transit System incorporating light rail, commuter rail, and bus service all equipped with bike racks. For commuters who travel by bike 3 or more days a week, the transit system offers a free Guaranteed Ride Home Program good for use up to 4 times a year for emergencies such as snowstorms.

Check out online resources for Twin Cities cyclists, like the Guaranteed Ride Home Program on our blog.

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