New Grease Rag at Grease Pit in Phillips

By : Lowrah · October 17, 2013

Welcome to the Grease Rag family, Grease Pit!  It is about time we joined forces, considering so many people confuse our two groups because of our similar names.  =]

Third Sundays, 12-3p
Grease Pit Bike Shop
2750 Bloomington Ave. S., Mpls 

The Grease Pit is a volunteer-run bike shop that teaches bike building, maintenance, and repair in order to promote self-sufficiency, free mobility, and a mode of transportation that does not require fossil fuel.  

We provide tools, stands, used parts, advice, and bikes – from fully built to just bare frames. You provide the rest.

We are a community workspace, not a professional service shop; we will not fix your bike for you, but we will teach you to do it yourself.

No one gets paid at the Grease Pit. The project is run by a collective of volunteers who do the day-to-day work of keeping the shop open. Anyone can become a volunteer -- ask us how.

Calla is going to be facilitating this monthly event, and is excited to host some WTFs!

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