No open shops are scheduled at this time, but we thank Recovery for their partnership and will consider future open shops at this location. Please contact Grease Rag ( with your questions.


13 Feb


Valentine's Day Grease Rag NE!


on February 13, 2012   comments 0

Tomorrow, February 14th, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day with a special Grease Rag NE! Come by and give your bike some love and wrenching.  We will be celebrating in style with cookies, valentines, and general cheer!

Join us at 7pm at Recovery Bikes (2555 Central Ave NE)!

From 7pm – 8pm we’ll be teaching a short tutorial bottom brackets.  Mostly because it gives us an excuse to take off our cranks and clean them really well for the winter (if we're even calling this winter...).  Then from 8-9 we'll work on any projects you're interested in working on.

Hope to see you there!

02 Feb


Save the Date - Feb 14th - for Grease Rag!


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Wondering how to spend Valentine's Day with the true love of your life - your bicycle? Afraid that people will think you're weird if you try to take your bike out on a special date for dinner and a movie?

No fear! Come celebrate Valentine's Day with Grease Rag NE by treating your bike to some wrenching.

We'll be hanging out at Recovery Bikes (2555 Central Ave. NE) from 7-9pm - so save the date!

09 Jan


Monthly Tuesday Grease Rag in NE


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2nd Tuesdays of the month, January 10, 2012

7-9PM at Recovery Bike Shop, 2555 Central Ave NE

This monthly Grease Rag event is usually facilitated by Charlotte.  At 7pm she leads an instructional hour on a different component or maintenance task, and the remaining hour she facilitates an open shop.  I (Low) will be attempting to fill Charlotte's shoes this month, and I'm going to do a demo on how to clean and preserve your winter bike.  So bring those dirrrty grrrls in!

Those of you that I've seen at the Uptown Grease Rag and Sunrise Cyclery have noticed that the nights are slower paced and there are more people available to help you with your bike.  The benefits of the "off-season!"*  Think ahead and do major work now, when we aren't so busy.

*We really need a better term for the cold-season.  Because a lot of us don't take time "off" from biking!

12 Dec


Grease Rag Ne - Tomorrow, December 13th!


on December 12, 2011   comments 1

It's the best time of the month! Grease Rag NE is this Tuesday, December 13th!

(Grease Rag NE is the second Tuesday of every month.)

Join us at 7pm at Recovery Bikes (2555 Central Ave NE)! From 7pm – 8pm we’ll be teaching a short tutorial on how to take apart and clean a bottom bracket. So bring in your winter bike and learn how to clean out your bottom bracket! From 8pm – 9pm we’ll have open shop to work on anything you’d like. I'm going to clean my bike, grease my chain, and Do you have any projects you want to work on?

26 Jun


Rides, hugs, vegan black bean burgers, birthday, love


on June 26, 2011   comments 1


(A few more photos on the Grease Rag Flickr group.  Thanks, Jeremy!)


BIG thank you hugs to everyone that showed up for the party on June 11th.

Everyone pitched in to cook and to clean up at the end of the party, we got enough donations to cover the beer (woo!), and y'all practically licked the guacamole bowl clean, which was a huge compliment to my skill with 'cados.  The ride was sweet, I made some new friends, and I was super happy to introduce you all to Brent of Recovery Bikes and Jamie of Sunrise Cyclery.  Those guys/ shops are our biggest supporters, second only to you, the people that chose to hang with us on that wonderful Saturday evening.  We appreciate you!

July 7 is Grease Rag's 2nd birthday.  Terrific Two's!  There is a Grease Rag Ride & Wrench on the 7th... come out and celebrate with a ride and some bike grease in the shop.

We were also thinking of having a party sometime to celebrate...  What do you think?

03 Jun




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I announced this at the last Grease Rag, but we have REALLY REALLY (really!) big news to share with you all.  This has been a long time coming, and because of a capable and willing volunteer, a little coordination, and a generous community supporter... it is finally going to happen.

Grease Rag NE!

That's right, WTFs.  After over a year of filling Sunrise Cyclery on 1st and 3rd Thursdays, we are adding another event to accomodate your voracious need for safer DIY spaces.  Sunrise will continue hosting Grease Rag Uptown twice a month, so don't fret!  Rejoice!!

June 14th, 2nd Tuesday of the month
Recovery Bikes (2555 Central Avenue NE)
7-9PM Wrenching with Charlotte

Grease Rag NE is going to be facilitated by the lovely and capable Charlotte.  Charlotte plans to use the first hour of every GR to help you learn a basic mechanical skill, and the last hour will be an open shop.  The first week Charlotte will taking chains apart to clean and get the winter gunk outta there.  Recovery Bikes is a dry space, so please respect the spirit of the shop by keeping any alcohol consumption outside the shop, thanks!

If you can, please come and support our first Grease Rag NE.  We would love to see you.

(And save the date for June 11th- we are going to have a kick-off party!)

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