Day 24 of Loving MN Winter

By : Carolyn · February 24, 2017

I #LoveMNWinter. Today, I love the joy of cracking ice.

By Yasmiene Mabrouk

Yasmiene1.pngOne of the most exciting and scary parts about winter is ice. There have been a couple nights this winter when we’ve had freezing rain and I couldn’t walk even two blocks without almost falling multiple times. I definitely slipped and had the shock of feeling out of control, like no matter how carefully I walked I might still fall.

This is my first winter back in the Midwest after five years on the California coast. One of the ways I knew I needed to move is that I missed winter. I planned a weekend in Yosemite with my sister last February so that I could see snow and feel the cold. (Photo right by Elizabeth Mabrouk)

After that trip I realized one weekend was not enough. I needed months of winter.

So, here I am! It was a hard start to the winter for me with so many frigid days in December. What has surprised me the most since then is the joy of cracking ice. I spent almost five minutes by the bus stop sliding on a huge unblemished sheet of ice that had water underneath, making bigger and bigger cracks until finally it broke and water poured forth.

Yasmiene2.png Photo by Alex Borland

Whenever there is ice in my path now, I try to crack it or slide on it. There’s a spot by my house that was as smooth as a fresh skating rink. I feel so playful when I’m sliding on the ice to watch the water underneath move. I look up and wonder if anyone has caught me playing on the ice.

Read about last year’s collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February of 2016. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls

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