Introduction to Bike Polo, October 22

By : Kat · October 13, 2011

As part of the Hub Bike Coop's Women's Appreciation Month, Kat & Greta are hosting an introduction to hardcourt bike polo day on Saturday, October 22.

This will be an opportunity to learn about the rapidly growing sport, try riding customized polo bikes, use homemade mallets, and get a feel for how the game is played.  We'll go over rules and equipment - but most of the time will be for getting people comfortable on the bikes. We may play a few games if people are interested!

Hardcourt Bike Polo is a fairly new sport to Minnesota, and the play is similar to hockey.  Teams of 3 use mallets to pass and shoot a ball into the other team's goal.  The first team to score 5 goals wins. 

Bike polo has become a huge part of my life over the past three years.  I have been able to travel across the country and meet rad people who share the same passion I have.  It's a really unique community that is always supporting eachother.  We'd love to have more women and transgendered people involved! 

Hope to see you on the court!

Introduction to Hardcourt Bike Polo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Corcoran Park - 19th Ave S at 33rd Street - Minneapolis

FREE!  Facebook event:!/event.php?eid=281387768546342

And you get to wear cool team outfits!

Photo by Brandon Carter

More information on Women’s Appreciation Month can be found on their web site, and more information on their events can be found on The Hub’s calendar.  

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