Grease Rag Night is Thursday, July 23rd!

By : edurkee · July 21, 2009

Our next event is in 2 days!

Thursday the 23rd we will meet at Sunrise at 7pm, take a short ride and at 7:45pm get down to fixing some bikes. There was great turn-out last time and we all had fun, so I'm looking forward to the next one.

Since Jamie is out of town, biking across Iowa with the older generation, we will not be able to have a movie after 9pm unless I get a volunteer. The next best thing is to have mojitos (I'll bring the mint and rum!) at someone's place and have a discussion forum (which will then be posted on Any takers?

Men are absolutely invited to discussion- they probably have many interesting things to contribute andthings to learn about, too!

Location: Uptown

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