Grease Rag Ride

By : edurkee · June 29, 2009

Event for July 7, 2009!

Do you have questions about how your bike works? More importantly, have questions as to why it doesn't? Want to fix your own bike in a supportive and social environment with other women?

Where: Sunrise Cyclery, 901 W. Lake St.

When: July 7th @ 7pm

Come out for a short ride at 7pm and then from 8-9:30pm we will work on our own bikes, courtesy of Sunrise! Erin and Cali will be there to answer your questions and help you fix those problems that just aren't fixing themselves. This is not a standard curriculum for beginning mechanics- we want to fix the things that you need fixed NOW so riding your bike is safer and more fun!

Everyone is welcome at dusk for an after dark movie in the parking lot behind the shop-  Invite your friends, fellow bikers, and anyone who loves bikes to come see "Quicksilver", the penultimate 80's movie about NY messengers!

Keep your eyes open for our flyers posted on and around town for this and future events.

Location: Uptown

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Thanks for pulling this together Erin! I'm excited...
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