Day 8 #lovemnwinter 2016: A Photo Essay

By : anneka (they.them.theirs) · February 8, 2016

I #lovemnwinter! Today I love winter in photos.



After one of the first snowfalls of the season, someone in Loring Park left a love letter to winter, squirrels, and all the park walkers and bikers. 



I look forward to bicycling over the Mississippi River in winter - the dance of ice, water and sun is so beautiful!



After a week of frigid temperatures, the Minnehaha Creek waterfall was finally frozen enough to capture the colors of the minerals that normally tumble over the rocks too quickly to be glimpsed.



Another warm stretch and the creek was again a haven for ducks seeking open water. Their tracks crowded the snowy Minnehaha banks.



If you're going to live in a cold place, it's fun to have a variety of boot choices!



The Art Shanties have become a well-loved tradition winter. I finally got a chance to pedal the Polar Bear and get a close-up look out its maw.



Even though it wasn't too cold the day I visited the Art Shanties, a spot of tea at the Botanical ShanTea was a terrific way to warm my insides.


Winter is a part of my little home making its yearly trek through the vastness of the universe to circle the sun. Thanks for sharing this month of lovingMNwinter together and I hope that you too are building a trove of beloved winter moments!




The author on White Bear Lake enjoying some MN winter fun. Photo credit: Linda Pate


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Yes - totally building my aersenole of #lovemnwinter... and loving that shot inside the bear!!!!
Posted by Holly on
Beautiful photos!  I'm jealous you got to go to the Shantys with LP!!
Posted by Lowrah on