Day 23 of Loving Winter 2016

By : Grease Rag Guest · February 23, 2016

I #lovemnwinter! Today I love these Lucky Stars.

By Amber

Since having kids five years ago winter has presented special transportation challenges for our family. During most of the year we bike with our kids to daycare and for most errands.  We both live within four miles of our jobs and, for me, daycare is literally on the way to work. In fact, it's just under two miles to daycare and another mile to my job.

Two days a week I don't have daycare responsibilities since my partner stays home with our kids. On those days I get to appreciate some time for solitude and reflection. A way to reset from home to work and vice versa. This is pretty consistent year round, even winter.

However, in the winter the days I have my kids I don't feel comfortable biking with them. The ice. The dark. Those are the big reasons. Instead we walk to daycare. More accurately, I walk to daycare in the morning with the kids in a stroller, and in the evening the kids want to walk.

If you've ever walked with a 2.5 year old and a 5 year old you know that walking two blocks can EASILY take ten minutes, making for a very long walk home. In the dark. In the snow. And, in the cold. My kids seem immune to all of this. They seem to enjoy looking for bird's nests in naked trees, sliding on ice, making impromptu snow angels, and playing hide and seek with the moon and stars on partly cloudy nights.


Initially, this annoyed me to no end. I had worked all day. We had dinner to make, bed time routines and dad waiting for us to get home.

Then, I remembered how much I loved winter as a kid. My sisters and I would play outside shoveling snow up and down our block (yes that was fun for us!), building forts and having snow ball fights until we couldn't feel our toes.


My kids are playing. They have a chance to explore their city, during the winter and have fun along the way. They feel the snow crunch beneath their feet. They watch their breath create "smoke" in the crisp air. They know different streets offer different opportunities - from winter lights to mini sledding hills to an occasional treat. They're reminding me to live in the moment. On top of all that I'm spending quality time with my rosy cheeks and giggling kids.


Lucky for us, we often have a hot meal and a hug waiting for us when we get through the door. For all this, my kids are my lucky stars that shine a bright on dark winter evenings, and give me many reasons to #lovemnwinter.


Amber is a public health nerd who wants to crochet in long meetings. She live in St. Paul with her family, where she volunteers with St. Paul Women on Bikes.

Read about this collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February, and post about it on this blog. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out last year's #lovemnwinter posts.

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This perfectly captures the magic of childhood!  You are so lucky to be able to experience this through your children's eyes.
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