Day 24 of Loving Winter 2016

By : Grease Rag Guest · February 24, 2016

I #lovemnwinter!  Today, I love Minnehaha dog park.

By Mariah LaQua

Today is my birthday. Rather than expound on the delights and challenges of winter cycling I want to give a shoutout to my dog, Nikita, and the Minnehaha off-leash recreation area.


No matter how hard it gets during the winter, Nikita remains excited, adventurous and insistent that we get outside and get fresh air.


At Minnehaha I get to see her in full glory, sprinting from place to place and always returning to my side to share her wonder with me - even on the coldest days.


Thank you Nikita for keeping me going. And thank you to Minneapolis Parks for creating such a special place for people and their canine companions.


About the author: Mariah rides her bike year round and is racing track for the first time this summer.


Read about this collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February, and post about it on this blog. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out last year's #lovemnwinter posts.

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I sing the praises of the Minneapolis Parks too!  Nature in the city is the only way I can do city living.  And your pup is so HANDSOME in that HANKY!
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