Day 6 of Loving Winter 2018

By : Holly Santiago · February 6, 2018

I #lovemnwinter! Today, I shamelessly love winter!

My past #ilovemnwinter top ten lists highlighted the noblest of ideas (starting a book club, knitting, meditating) while leaving some of the most honest reasons behind. This year, I’m sharing the dregs of those lists, the “not ready for publishing” reasons, the bottom ten that I probably shouldn’t share but they are really real reasons to #lovemnwinter.


In winter, I shamelessly love:

10. Looking in your windows

The long dark nights of winter let me peer into other people’s houses. I check out their furnishings, what they’re eating for dinner, and hope that I see something super weird or mysterious. One of these times, I’ll save someone’s life or solve a murder mystery.


9. Avocados

These buggers are bougie AF! But, avocados become more affordable when they are in season! 3/$3 at CUB Foods!


8. Excuses

These are abundant this time of year. “My car won’t start.” “I have a cough.” “It’s too dangerous to go out.”


7. Touching

There is nothing more satisfying than for someone with icicle feet to shove their cold appendages into the warm crevasses and folds of a warmer human being’s body.


6. Leaving the dog poop under piles and piles of beautiful white snow blankets

What poop?


5. Doing nothing important

Crank up the water heater and boil water for two hour baths. Follow this with pajamas all day, drinking heavy beer while marathon watching Lord of the Rings extended versions and ordering take-out. #livingmybestme


4. Sparkly gifs

Who makes these things? Why do they exist? Why can’t I stop looking at them?


3. Not washing my clothes

Since there is NO WAY my body stench is permeating 3 layers of long johns, four tops, and a dozen socks, I'm just gonna keep wearing that outer shell without washing it for weeks/months.


2. Killing winter free-time

MN Summer weekends/days are too sacred to spend them anywhere but here. But, what harm is it to miss out on a blustery February day in MN to visit family in North Dakota, Iowa, or Milwakee? Why not schedule that surgery that will take weeks to recover from in the middle of our harshest months? Dentist appointments? Schedule it all for a MN winter!


1. Lying to myself

Winter is my favorite time to drink port wine and tell myself I’m going to become a writer, a poet, or chess master. I've never bothered with these sorts of lies in June, July, or August.


Read about last year’s collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February of 2016. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls.

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