Day 9 of Loving Winter 2015

By : Holly Santiago · February 9, 2015

I #lovemnwinter!  Today, I love tracks in the snow.

An unexpected snowfall. Took the wrong bike to work this morning. The tires are too slick and I’ll have to walk those four miles home.

On the long, slow, walk home, I can see the signs of our day-to-day in this long, cold winter.


Tracks. You’ve been here too! We’re outside, together. But I don’t hear your complaints about cold. You do not hear mine of discomfort.


It feels strange that you have been here, and left. Not knowing that I’d study your tracks so closely.


They tell your story: the rabbit that changed its mind. I didn’t know. Now, snow reveals it so plainly!


Our paths have been crossing all along. Now, a short legacy of time and place and you and me.

I love tracks in the snow!

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oooo these textures!  I know them all!  Soft snow, crunchy snow, icy, fluffy, sparkly... it all changes the tracks.  Thank you for the beautiful visuals.
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