Bicycle fabric

By : Jen · April 9, 2012

Some of you know I'm a pretty crafty person--Martha Stewart on a bicycle but with fewer tussles with the legal system (and my my standards, nicer hair and clothes). I will tell you this: cute fabric with bicycles is hard to come by. So when I saw this design by Birch Fabrics, I had to share. It's part of a line called "Commute." I will be buying some of the bicycle-themed patterns (the airplane doesn't fit into my idea of a responsible daily commute, but the streetcar does) and I'll let you know what I come up with. But that will be a while, since there are some projects in my back-log to finish first.

White fabric with printed with evenly spaced, multicolored bicycles.Coming eventually: more info on craft-based activism, or "craftivism." There's a long way between cute bike fabric and craftivism, but it's a pretty rad movement and I encourage you to check it out instead of waiting for me to finish that post, since it's been a long time in the making already. Short version: badass people using traditional artsy-craftsy things to make political and social statements.

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ooohhhh! They carry these prints at crafty planet in Northeast Mpls! (also Treadle Goods in St. Paul) Thanks for posting this!
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