Day 3 #lovemnwinter 2016

By : JJ K · February 3, 2016

I #lovemnwinter! Today, I love early mornings.

IMG_1277.jpgI'm an early riser. Maybe you can't take the farm out of the farm girl... I'm a high school teacher, and the students begin arriving as early as 7:00. Since I have to change from biking gear to school teacher get-up, and I like to have my day well organized as part of my daily practice, I leave home around 6 am, and bike my half hour ride in the quiet solitude of the morning.

There's something magical about the dark. The crunch of ice and snow under my studded tires. The slap of cold that makes my eyes water as I pick up speed to the first major intersection. Traffic is light, and I ride the first 15 minutes on city streets. My body warms, I settle in, and then I drift down to the Stone Arch Bridge, and the rest of my commute is on trails. 

I see my fellow early risers on my way. Cordelia (mother of one of my students) gives me a low 5 as I wish her "Buenos días!" The nice condo dweller with the large poodle is always cordial. As I pass the commuter train on the trail, I spy the human in the khaki parka, sleeping in the train window--just like always. Then it's under the stadium and out past the buildings. Magical thinking time. I run through conversations that I've had, or that I'd like to have. I think about my partner, my children, my siblings. Maybe a song wiggles its way into my thoughts.

I love the peace and quiet of early winter morning. I love the swoosh of my wind pants, the rhythm of my cadence, the distant chattering of birds in a parking garage. I love that I get to have my thoughts and to really concentrate on my day. I'm so grateful to breathe fresh air, have a sip of brisk water upon my arrival to school, air-chilled from the ride. I sit on the same bench every morning, and I'm grateful for being here, grateful for the air and water, for my healthy body powering my commute to school, and I'm ready to start my day.


Read about this collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February, and post about it on this blog. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out last year's #lovemnwinter posts.

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