30 Days of Biking: Day 5-7

By : Julia W. · April 7, 2014

Well, it seems that rather than a daily blog this has become an "every couple of days" blog. And you know what? That's ok! Part of making a conscious choice to ride every day is also to make the conscious choice to listen to our bodies. Recently, my body has said "GO PLAY IN THE SUN!" (Also, it's told me "GO TO BED EARLIER!" but that's another story.)



Can you believe this weather?! What a pleasure it is to ride my bike for fun, to see my friends out on their bikes, to smile at strangers. Winter riding has its own quiet joy, but riding with the sun on my skin...nothing can beat that. I think I might burst for all the excitement inside me. And that's what 30 Days of Biking is all about: JOY! Hooray!!



Over the past few days, my bike has taken me to a couple of different meetings, where I'm working hard with some really amazing and experienced folks to organize a couple of couple of very different rides here in the Cities. I'm proud and excited, and a little nervous, too, to be helping them out! Recently, my bike is showing me the wisdom, energy, and enthusiasm of the community that I'm finally really beginning to feel at home in. The simple act of riding my bike has taken me so much deeper into a community that I once felt a little alienated from, and shown me how diverse and vibrant it truly is. It's also helping me to really push myself: normally I consider myself to be a fairly spotlight shy person, but here I am, writing for an audience! I am so honored and lucky to be in a safe place where I can take risks and feel supported.


Where did your bike take you today? Did you get a chance to enjoy the sun? How has your bike challeneged you, physically and mentally? 

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I took my skinny tire bike out and wore clippy shoes this weekend!  We did the Gateway trail and it wasn't bad.  I stopped at the DQ on Central and turned around, so I got a 40 mi. day in, which is big for me!  Happy happy spring spring!
Thanks for sharing your ride with us, Julia!
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