01 Apr


30DOB: Day 1


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Today I spent all day running around and preparing for a long ride that I'm going on tomorrow. I was so busy working on my bike that I almost didn't have time to ride it! Funny how life gets in the way of itself. But it was the first day of 30 Days of Biking, so I really needed to be intentional in getting out. 



Today, my bike took me to the grocery store. It was a quick ride, and nothing special, a few short blocks that I ride all the time. But I was glad to get out of the house even for a moment. I caught a lovely sunset and filled tired lungs with cold fresh air. I chatted with a friend as I picked through the veggies and hummed a song I thought I'd forgotten on the way home. After a buzzy-brain day, a short ride was a chance to clear my mind and re-focus on the many tasks ahead. A normal day took a sweetness and simplicity; that's the beauty of using a bike for our daily tasks. 

How was your first day of biking? Share your thoughts with me. 

30 Mar


30 Days of Biking! Yay!


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It's April and that means we get to celebrate another 30 Days of Biking!


The idea is simple: ride your bike every day in April. That's it! You can go around the block or around the world, but rain or shine, just get out there. Then, share your adventures online with #30daysofbiking. And while you're doing your body and your brain some good, you're doing a kiddo or two good, too! This year 30 days of Biking has teamed up with Free Bikes 4 Kidz, who will donate a bike to a kid in need for every 30 pledges.


Today was the kick-off ride, and the sun came out just in time. All 200+ of us took a light-hearted lap around Minneapolis to get in the spirit of things:


(Photo thanks to Ben Hovland!)

Have you taken the pledge yet? There's still time! Join thousands of people from around the world who have pledged here.  After that, make sure to keep an eye here on the blog (to be updated daily, or as close to daily as I can!) AND on our calendar, Facebook, and Twitter! We'll be keeping you (yes YOU!) posted with all the fun events and social rides this month, including what's going to be a totally RAD Full Moon Ride  

Please come and share your thoughts and experiences over the next 30 days. I'm really looking forward to the challenge and reward of making a conscious committment to riding every day, and we want to know how you're doing, too!

Hope to see you out there! 

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