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2018 Grease Rag's Intermediate Bike Camping Trip


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Grease Rag's Intermediate Bike Camping Trip

July 14-15

Minneapolis to William O'Brien State Park 

This trip is intended for femme/trans/women (FTW) who have some experience bike camping and are comfortable riding 40 miles two days in a row. If you are looking for a more beginner friendly trip, save the date for our FTW Bike Camping Retreat, August 25-26

What to expect?

Friendship and Fun!

We only have space for 12 people on this trip. We will do some icebreaker activities and have some games at camp.  Let's all be open to the experience of meeting new friends!

Details about the trip

FTW-only! (If you are a cis-male who benefits from cis male privilege, please do not register for this trip.)

Reserve your spot

Sign up here until July 1https://goo.gl/forms/ZH1cLm7XpwpuSfRr2

You MUST sign up to go- space is limited! We will send out an email on July 3 to coordinate food, etc. We're asking for a $7 contribution to cover the cost of the campsite and fire wood. We have scholarships available if that is a barrier for you. Your spot will be confirmed when I've received payment (cash, check, or Venmo) or request for scholarship. 

Meet up

Saturday, July 14, 12:30pm. Our planned roll out is 1p.

Meet at the Hub Bike Coop (3016 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406). 

The ride


The ride will be on a combination of city streets, separated bike paths, and country roads. There are a few significant hills closer to camp. Expect about 39 miles at 10-15 miles per hour.

There will be a few planned stops along the way: Around mile 17, there is a water fountain and porta potties. At Pine Point Park, about 30 miles in, there are (gendered) bathrooms and a water fountain. The last stop will be Marine General Store, a place to get last minute snacks before heading into the park. 


We will be collaborating on dinner and breakfast. There will be an email after registration is closed to coordinate the logistics. Please bring your own plate, bowl, napkin, fork, knife, spoon, mug, cup. We will not be providing these things unless you specifically reach out.

Email questions to kathleen.orourke@gmail.com with the subject "Grease Rag Camping Trip."

01 Mar


DIY Saddle and Bike Fit


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One of the most common reasons for people giving up on their bikes is pain. All kinds of pain. "I got injured and it just doesn't work for me anymore." "My butt/crotch/back/knees/hands/shoulders hurt." Pain has as many causes as it does forms, but there are a few things we can try to diagnose it on our own. One of biggest things that can cause pain is "bike fit." Bike fit is how your body and bike fit together, and can be influenced by size, strength, flexibility, and gear.

Some of us Grease Rag Friends attended a free saddle and fit workshop put on by the Hub, Surly, Midwest Mountaineering, and Gladys Bikes. This post isn't a recap of the event, but a combination of some things I know and some things I learned, from my perspective as someone who wants biking to be as accessible to you, FTWs.


Images from the event via Surly Bikes

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06 Nov


Vote November 7 in Local Elections


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Tuesday, November 7 is election day in Minneapolis

Races you can vote on: Mayor, City Council, and Park Board

I would recommend voting in all of the races.

If you haven't voted, it's been awhile, or you just want to know more, here's my voting guide for Minneapolis.

  • Polls are open 7am-8pm Tuesday
    • Be in line at your polling place at 8p
    • Find where you vote here
    • Get your sample ballot here
      • I HIGHLY recommend looking at/printing a sample ballot before going to the polls. Why spend any more time there than you have to?
  • Are you registered to vote?
    • Register to vote, day-of, at the polls
      • Minnesota is one of those magical states where you don't need an ID to vote, and you can register day-of. I will vouch for you if you live in Ward 9! Check your registration here.
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07 Sep


#FTWWeekend 2017


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After 10 years, Babes in Bikeland is taking a break. In the absence of a super awesome alley-cat bike event this summer, Grease Rag is hosting #FTWWeekend! Join us for a whole weekend of fun FTW (femme, trans, women) ONLY events September 29-October 1.


Please join us for #FTWweekend! We have so much fun stuff planned for you. We will be focusing on positivity, FTW community, Friendship, and slow rolls that explore the city. Invite your friends! 

Get this Swag!

Update: online sales are closed!

Represent Grease Rag and help fund #FTWweekend! Buy a t-shirt and make a donation to Grease Rag. Thank you to artist BrieAnna for this awesome shirt design! Shirts will be available for pick up at FTW events. If there are any shirts that aren't pre-ordered, they will be sold at #FTWweekend events!


Short Sleeve shirt, white with black, XS-L sizes


Long Sleeve shirt, white with black, XS-XXL sizes


size_chart_ftwweekend.pngDon't want a shirt, but want to donate to Grease Rag and #FTWweekend?  No problem! You can donate here:

Update: Online donations are closed!

#FTWweekend Events!

FTW Cheers! Ride

Friday, September 29

View the Facebook event details here


6th Annual FTW Wanderabout Ride

Saturday, September 30

View the Facebook event details here


FTW Brunch!

Sunday, October 1

View the Facebook event details here




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