2015- 28 Days of Loving Winter

By : Lowrah · January 30, 2015

'Tis the Season

Last year, I publicly admitted that February is the hardest winter month for me.  The Polar Vortex was grinding me down.  My long, dark commutes were losing joy.  There is typically a lot of loafing and self-pity at that point in the season, neither of which is very good for my physical or mental health!  To inspire a more positive mental attitude, I challenged myself to write 28 things in 28 days about the positive aspects of winter, #lovemnwinter.  It was fun!

These are a few of my favorites

  1. Snot rockets 
  2. Fire
  3. Snow and ice sounds 
  4. Icicles
  5. Grease Rag 

This year, I've asked Grease Rag friends to participate in loving winter!  So get ready for another 28 posts in 28 days, highlighting what makes Minnesota beautiful and pleasant in the winter. Some posts will be written by me, some short, some long, some with pictures, some only 140 characters.  I'm so excited to read about the things people love about our most infamous season!

The challenge has ended, but I have a lot more love to give...

  1. Sunggly Kitties- Lowrah
  2. Silence- Ginny and Liberty
  3. Calvin Snowmen- Margot
  4. Ice Rink- Dana DeMaster
  5. Anticipation- Emily Wade
  6. Falling in Bike Love- Sarah Engen
  7. Stream of Winter Thoughts- Anneka Kmiecik
  8. Personal Experimentation- Nicole
  9. Snow Tracks- Holly Santiago
  10. Ice Hole Swimming- Sveta Vold
  11. Haikus- Kathleen
  12. Walking on Frozen Lakes- Punk Mom
  13. Being Outside- Lee Penn
  14. Minneapolis- Rebecca Ayelsworth
  15. Encanto- Luci
  16. New Skills- Maery Rose
  17. New Places- Pedal Stoke
  18. Time to Rest- Wren
  19. Self Talk- Ana
  20. Reflection with Rhyming- Rachael Goins
  21. Options- Brenda Anfinson
  22. Random Thoughts- Jana Velo
  23. Efforts of Winter- Clive North
  24. Feeling Unstoppable- Dakota Sexton
  25. Early Mornings- Liz Niemer
  26. Time to Think- Ruby
  27. Replenishing- Kathleen Ryan
  28. Loving Winter- Brenda Taylor

Want to play along?

Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out last year's #lovemnwinter posts.

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