2015 All Women's Day Ride

By : Lowrah · March 17, 2015

March is ALL Women's Herstory Month.  To celebrate International All Women's Day, Grease Rag got together for a ride!

WTF-Only Ride


Hub Bike Co-op- Oak St

Eighteen of you came out to ride with us, on a beautiful, sunny, warm day!  We started at the Hub at Oak Street, which hosts a Grease Rag open shop event 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month, 7-9 PM.  We shared our names, our preferred gender pronouns, and some people shared what significance International All Women's Day had to them.

Some people talked about labor history, like the Triangle Shirtwaist fire of 1911 and how the day used to be called "International Working Women's Day."  Some people talked about their moms being their heroes.  Some people remembered celebrating the day in European countries- Women have the day off from work!  They do things with their daughters!  We stood in the sunshine in a circle and connected.


Recovery Bike Shop


Single occupancy, accessible toilets!  These are the things that show Recovery Bikes wants All Women to feel safe and comfortable at their shop.

Ginny led our ride up to Recovery Bike Shop, which hosts a Grease Rag open shop 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month, 7-9 PM.  We snacked on oranges and fig cookies from East Side Co-op, and Ginny read a history of an adventurous woman.  We assembled and took a beautiful family photo.  And we also took a scramble face photo too!  Wonderful people!


Scrambled Babes!

Gamut Gallery

We biked to the Gamut Gallery for an International Women's Day Panel.  We were welcomed by the staff and panelists and got to see some prints of revolutionary women.  Grease Rag was active in the Q & A, and people filtered out of the event on their own time.  After the event, Tina and I got sandwiches.


Friendship.  Togetherness.  Solidarity.  Remembrance.  Bikes!

Thank you to everyone that spent the day with us!  You filled my heart with sunshine.  I met new friends and got to reconnect with a few of you after too long.  Please share in the comments how you celebrate all womyn!

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