29 Days of Loving Winter 2016

By : Lowrah · January 27, 2016

In 2014, I admitted that February is a really brutal winter month for me.  Long, dark commutes and cold cold weather start to wear me down at this point in the winter.  Instead of succumbing to the SADness, I challenged myself to write 28 things in 28 days about what keeps me in Minnesota in the winter.  And you know what?  At the end of the month, I still had things to love!

#lovemnwinter 2014 posts


In 2015, the Grease Rag family participated in a beautiful project- #lovemnwinter became a group project! We all spent our February being inspired by each other, and embracing this snowglobe wonderland we bike, walk, and ski through.

#lovemnwinter 2015 posts

This year, we're trying it again!  And because it is a leap year, there will be a bonus 29th day.  Hooray!  Together, we will inspire a positive mental attitude in us all, while doing what we do best at Grease Rag- Elevating and celebrating WTF voices.  Hear us!  We are here!

Some posts will be written by me, some short, some long, some with pictures, some 140 characters or less. I'm so excited to read about the things people love about our most infamous season!


#lovemnwinter 2016 posts

  1. Holly loves ten things that only winter brings
  2. Low loves hidden views revealed
  3. JJ loves early mornings
  4. Judy loves cranking
  5. Dana loves walking in the winter
  6. Daphne loves being able to throw snowballs
  7. Heidi loves lights
  8. Anneka loves winter in photos
  9. Rachel loves squeeky snow
  10. Maggie loves trying new things
  11. Michelle loves working up to showing up for it
  12. Monica loves Jack
  13. Kadence loves winter
  14. Cali loves work and when you run a bike shop there is a never ending supply!
  15. Kat loves first tracks
  16. Buzo loves winter-warmer soundtrack
  17. Anna loves messing up
  18. Emily loves #trackiscoming
  19. Lisa loves gear and skill sharing
  20. Josephine loves making snowgirls
  21. Leap day!
  22. Lee loves knowing how to ride with ice
  23. Amber loves these Lucky Stars
  24. Mariah loves Minnehaha Dog Park
  25. Dakota loves #noexpectations
  26. Lindsey loves sweater weather
  27. Lauren loves MN winter highlights
  28. Ana loves the plants
  29. Stephanie loves Ulu's joy

Want to play along?

Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out #lovemnwinter posts from the past.

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