4th Annual Group Camping Trip- June edition!

By : Lowrah · April 8, 2014

4th Annual Group Camping Trip

Who:  All WTF cyclists are welcome, especially beginners!
What: Group bike camping trip
Where/ How farCarver Park Reserve, 25 miles, almost all on trails
When: Saturday, June 6- Sunday, June 7
How much $: 15.  If cost is a barrier, contact us!  Grease Rag has funds for financial hardship
Why:  Bike camping is fun! (2010, 2012, 2013)
I have reserved enough room for 6 tents/ 12 people, but if we have significant interest, I can try to reserve more spots.  Reserve your spot with us early!

You can do this

If you can comfortably bike 15 miles, YOU CAN DO THIS!  Please make sure that your bike is tuned up, and ready for a loaded ride.  Air up those tires, make sure your chain is lubed, and really look it over for anything that might cause trouble on the trail.  (*cough* GREASE RAG *cough*)  Everyone should carry a tube and whatever you need to repair a flat.  This trip is especially aimed at beginners and people that have always wanted to bike camp but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Mandatory planning meeting.

If you are coming camping with us, you are required to attend a planning meeting.  We will go over trip expectations, and make sure people have all of the gear they need.

Parkway Pizza in Longfellow
Wednesday, May 28, 8pm
Come with questions, and let's eat pizza and plan! 

Need some extra guidance?

Luckily for us, Grease Rag friend Casey will be teaching Bike Camping 101 to all of our campers!  (Maximum seating is 20, priority is given to campers that have reserved spaces on the camping trip!)

Boneshaker Books
Friday, May 2, 6:30pm
Learn more about this skill share here 

Pack smart, think light

Don't wait until the morning of to pack.  Go on a test run with your gear for a few miles around town.  You'll probably end up realizing you don't need that third pair of shoes, the cast iron skillet or the full size shampoo and conditioner.  Use the fact that this is a group trip to your advantage!  Why carry three 15mm wrenches when you only need one?  A good strategy is to partner up with one or two people (don't be shy!) and figure out who has the lightest tent.  One person could carry it out, and another person could carry it back.

I will add a generic pack-list to the bottom of this post, for your reference.**

The plan.

Meet at 9:30 at Common Roots Cafe on Lyndale.  Roll out at 10.  Feel free to have breakfast, get your caffeine on and hang out.  We will gather on the south side of the building.
We will be taking it EASY.  If you want to go ahead of the group, no problem!!  It is an easy route and you are welcome to go ahead!  But I will be staying with the slowest rider/ I will be the slowest rider, so no one will have to ride alone and no one will get left behind.
Once we get there, there is an opportunity to go to the grocery store and liquor store, so don't haul beer and heavy food items out with you.
Fresh Seasons Market
7999 Victoria Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
Victoria Cross Roads Liquor
7999 Victoria Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
In the AM, people are free to leave when they want.  I will try to do an earlyish breakfast and then slow roll back to Minneapolis.

You are responsible for yourself. 

We are here to support you, but you are responsible for yourself!  Know when to hydrate, when to eat, and when to ask for help.  =] 

Looking forward to camping with you!!!
**This is a generic pack-list that I use.  I will pare it down for this trip, but I can go for 4+ days with roughly the same amount of gear.
Sleeping bag + mat
2-person tent
Collapsible water jug
Small first aid kit
Earplugs, eye shade
Bike lights
Lock, keys
Patch kit
Can opener
Hatchet/ saw
Toothbrush/ paste
(This is my rain plan)
Plastic garbage bags
Rain jacket
Extra pair shoes
2 bike shorts
1 wool top
3 pair socks (1 heavy)
Meals, snacks, cookware

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Is the meeting planning still on the 28th? Here it says the 5th.
Posted by Alicia on
Couple of us are interested in participating in the trip:) How do we register? 
Posted by la on
Good catch, Alicia.  The meeting for the June 6-7 trip will be 5/28.La- please contact greaseragmpls@gmail to coordinate a cash hand-off.  Spots are filling up!  Sooner is better! 
Posted by Lowrah on