4th Annual Winter Biking Skill Share

By : Lowrah · October 18, 2012

Leaves are falling and the chill is coming.  Each day as I decide to wear heavier gloves and a warmer hat, I get more excited for the coming season.  Are you an expert winter rider?  Are you thinking of giving it your first try this year?  Consider joining us!

Grease Rag's 4th Annual Winter Skill Share

This is our fourth year having this winter event, and we are really excited to share winter skills with you.  This event is FREE and open to all women, transgender, and femme cyclists.

Sunday, November 4, 11a-2:30p
Lake St. YWCA*, Room 155-156

*You will need photo ID to enter the building

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The program will start promptly at 11am, but you are free to come and go as you please.

If you can't make it to the event, we have write-ups of past winter skill shares (2009, 2010, 2011), and lots of winter biking posts on the blog.

UPDATE: Check out the recaps from our skill share! 

We will be bringing some snacks to share and a bunch of combined skills and experience to the YWCA.  We ask that you please bring any questions you might have, and a photo ID.  (YWCA policy.)

Yoga Stretches for Cyclists with Amelia
Bike Setups and Options, Including Tires and Fenders with Janni
Safety and Riding Tips with Kat
Clothing with Spanish
Bike Cleaning and Maintenance with Cali
Open Discussion Panel

Most of these topics have been covered in our previous skill shares, but by different folks with different backgrounds and perspectives.  One new addition to our program is the Open Discussion Panel.  I had a really good experience with a panel at the National Women's Bicycle Summit that I attended this summer, and we'd like to try that format at this event, in an attempt to have an engaging conversation about winter biking.

The fundraising that we've done over the past year will help give a very small stipend to all of our presenters, who are volunteering their time and knowledge for this event.  Thank you to everyone that has given money to make that possible!  Donations (stipend, snacks), volunteers (facilitators, presenters), and community partnerships (space, tools) are making this happen.

UPDATE: Check out the recaps from our skill share! 

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