Annual Spare Change Round-Up Fundraiser

By : Lowrah · June 26, 2014

Grease Rag is able to provide free open shop events where you can bring in your bike and fix it yourself because of close relationships with our community partners.  Our "community partners" are the bike spaces that host our 7 events a month.  Working with these partners keeps the amount of overhead, like rent and wages, that Grease Rag has to pay down to a nice tidy sum of $0.  THANK YOU, community partners!  We would not be here without you.

Round-Up Your Spare Change for Grease Rag 6/26- 7/31

Once a year, we ask you, kind and wonderful people, to pick up that lost penny, empty your pocket change, and round up to the nearest dollar when you visit any of these five community partners, and make a donation to help replenish our operation budget.

We will have collection containers at our four locations, starting Saturday, June 29.

Sunrise Cyclery, 2901 Blaisdell Ave. near Uptown (Grease Rag 1st & 3rd Thursdays)

Recovery Bike Shop, Central Ave. and 26th in Northeast (Grease Rag 2nd & 4th Tuesdays)

U of M Bike Center, SE Oak St. Parking Ramp at U of M (Grease Rag 2nd & 4th Thursdays)

SPOKES1915 East 22nd Street in Seward (Grease Rag 2nd & 4th Mondays)

Venture North, 1830 Glenwood Ave in North Minneapolis (Grease Rag 1st Wednesdays)

We will be collecting money at these locations until Friday, July 11 Thursday, July 31.  

We appreciate every penny!

Grease Rag is Turning Five!

Save the Date: Saturday, July 12, at 5pm.

Grease Rag is turning 5 years old July 7, 2014.  We have been doing what we do, providing fun events and inclusive bike spaces for WTF (women/ transgender/ femme) cyclists in the Twin Cities, for four years.  To celebrate our community, we are going to have a birthday party at our genesis location, Sunrise Cyclery!  Expect food, libations, and probably a go-around.  EVERYONE is welcome, so please bring friends.

Please Support Our Work

  • Facilitating 10 open shop nights every month
  • Hosting winter biking workshops
  • Providing scholarships for Grease Rag events that have a cost
  • Leading group rides
  • Keeping an up to date events calendar for the Twin Cities
  • Organizing bike camping trips
  • Supporting other creative WTF projects
  • Compensating our artists, designers and web developers
  • Funds are needed for operating costs like photocopies, office supplies, postage and party supplies

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