Bikini Bike Wash Benefit 4/30/2011

By : Lowrah · April 28, 2011

Grease Rag friends, Queer Bike Gang are promoting a bikini bike wash to raise money for PrideAlive's AIDSwalk team benefitting the Minnesota AIDS Project.  (Looks like they are also going to be washing cars.)  Fun!

Come out to volunteer, or to get your dirty, dirty bike washed!

Saturday, April 30, 2011
Minnesota AIDS Project, 1400 Park Ave S

QBG has the best description of their event, so I won't even try to paraphrase.  From their website:

Oooh gurl, how’d you get to be so dirty?

It’s spring time and that means it’s time to blow the dust off that spring time bike and pack your winter bike up for storage. That’s double the need for a bikini bike wash.

Bikini Bike Wash (or fully-clothed, whatever the washer’s desire) takes place at MAP this April 30th from noon to 4pm. Ride on in and get soaped up and slippery with the QBG crowd. Washes are by donation and funds will support PrideAlive's AIDSwalk team benefitting the Minnesota AIDS Project.

Wash it gurl. Because the only sand that should be in your crack this time of year should come from a beach.

We’re sharing the lot with a car wash going towards the same cause. But a wise man once said, “sell your car, buy a bike and wash it, gurl.”

If you want to help out at the wash email Aaron Brosier at

If you want to join PrideAlive's AIDSwalk team visit and search for team PrideAlive.

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