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By : Lowrah · March 9, 2011

A belated congratulations to Chelsea Strate- 1st women's speed, Jana Velo- 2nd women's speed, Lee Penn- 3rd women's speed and Christina Peck- 1st women's stupor ANNND 1st out of town, for racing a terrific Stupor Bowl XIV!

Stupor Bowl XIV

Chelsea Strate

(I do not have a photo of Jana riding- boo!)


Lee Penn (Raced on a single speed)

Stupor Bowl XIV

Christina Peck

Stupor Bowl is one of the largest alley cat bike races in the country, and is a Minneapolis institution.  This race is hosted by the Minneapolis Bicycle Messenger Association on the day before the NFL Super Bowl, and draws racers from all over the country.

The fourteenth annual Stupor Bowl was February 5th, 2011.

Stupor Bowl XIV

There are two races: Speed and Stupor.

The Stupor race is an alley cat where you must take a drink at every stop.  Yup, you got it- racing your heart out and drinking your guts out to earn the coveted STUPOR CHAMP title.  (Most people "ride" Stupor as opposed to "race" it, so it is nothing to be intimidated by!)

The Speed race is a test of your speed, stamina, and routing skills.  This year the speed race was broken into three separate manifests.  Think of how psychologically damaging it would be to race 30 miles, return to the start, to pick up a THIRD manifest... those that finished (not many did) were tough.  I think most racers were reporting in the neighborhood of 40 miles at the finish.

After checking in and getting your manifest (a list of stops that you have to get stamped before rolling into the final stop) all of the Stupor/ Speed racers went to Kenwood Park for the Le Mans start.  The flag dropped, and they were off.

After the race at the awards ceremony it was super exciting to see four strong women step up to the podium.  I have no idea how many people finished, but it felt like less than 20!!  Elite.  Seeing you up there really made me want to ride next year, even if I don't do the speed race.

There was one speech made by one of the winners, but I think it's time to hear from the women, wouldn't you say?

Update: Race reports from Lee and Christina are posted!

Thank you to reverborama and levi mpls for sharing their flickr photos with us.

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