Cycles for Change Winter WTF Programming

By : Lowrah · October 13, 2012

Cycles for Change in St. Paul has weekly open shop nights for WTF cyclists, and also an upcoming Winter Biking and Maintenance Class.  Cycles for Change is a friendly space with great programming.  Pay them a visit!

Women and Trans Shop Night at Cycles for Change
Weekly Hours - Tuesday 5-8pm

Women and Transgender Shop Night at Cycles for Change offers a safe and welcoming space for self-identified women, genderqueer, and  trans people in the dude dominated world of bikes. No matter what your level of experience, we welcome you to work on your bike, volunteer, learn, and teach.

Winter Biking and Maintenance Class
October 16 & 23 at 6pm
W&T Night is hosting two skill-share classes to share techniques about how to effectively ride your bike in the winter!  Come if you are interested in commuting by bike this Winter, but need some support to keep motivated or if you have experience and want to share what you've learned.  Facebook

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