Fourth of July Freedom From Pants Ride VIII- Recap

By : Lowrah · July 7, 2014


Photo from Facebook, by Thelma Fist Pumping Apiagyei

I celebrated Freedom with the Freedom from Pants Ride over this holiday weekend, where I was chauffeured around on the back of a Big Dummy, wedged comfortably between two speakers, an amp, a cooler full of punch and burritos, and inflated fat bike inner tube for swimming with, and firecrackers on "The Party Bus."  My driver/ DJ did a great job of navigating The Party Bus through a crowd of pantsless revelers, even through a moment with unfriendly fireworks aimed in our direction, while keeping the disco music bumping for hundreds of cyclists in their skivvies.  I had a wonderful time drumming to the boogie beats with a couple of small, novelty American flags that fellow riders gave to me, and dancing on the deck of The Party Bus as we rolled out of Northeast to the beach, where we swam and sang and wrestled beach balls from the wind.  We then rolled out toward downtown to watch the fireworks with every other resident of the Metro area, chanting, "WHAT DO WE WANT? FREEDOM!  HOW DO WE WANT IT? NO. PANTS!"

Photo from Facebook, by Banji Lawal


Inspiration and power from all of the people I saw who were completely comfortable in their skins
2 American flags
Sore muscles from hanging onto The Party Bus- It's like riding a horse!
Lots of fun new friends
Short jort tanline


Pair of sunglasses
Some dignity
1 American flag
Some innocent ear follicles were surely sacrificed

I'm back on my own bike today, pedaling myself around, thinking about what it means to celebrate a holiday that is politically and historically problematic to me, but is also culturally significant to me.  I have never been one for traditional holidays, or traditional celebrations, so upon reflection I can't think of a better way to celebrate my Freedom than by taking to the streets en masse to freak out the squares with our cheeky antics, delight on-lookers with our scanty panties, and elicit cheers and respectful whistles from families with our woundrous underpants.  NO PANTS, forever.

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