Fresh and Fancy Recap

By : Lowrah · July 21, 2014

Grease Rag members are a wealth of resources and knowledge about how to bike around town, as WTFs with places to be and people to see.  Spurred by a Facebook comment about sweating on our commutes, I organized a "Fresh and Fancy" event this past weekend, where we shared our tips and tricks for arriving at our destinations, Fresh, and Fancy.

Photo from Erik's camera, not all riders were present for the photo!

We discussed...

Favorite bike-friendly fashion accessory that kicks your outfit up a notch?

A product you swear by to make you feel beautiful or your ride more comfortable?

Favorite products or techniques for glamming up or cooling down, for your face?

Skirt flying up in the wind?  Try, "Penny in your pants."

1. Find a penny. Or you could use a pebble, a marble or other similar objects.
2. Find a rubber band. Better yet, use an old inner tube cut into rings. Super strong and super sustainable.
3. Now put on your favourite skirt.
4. Push the penny from the back to the front, through both layers.Watch our video if you need some extra help.
5. Form a button.
6. Wrap the band around the button so it’s secure.
7. Now and enjoy your new found freedom with your favourite skirt!

Best cool-down tricks?

How do you avoid helmet hair or a wind-whipped mess? Best bike friendly hair tips and tricks for showing up looking fly.

We rode a long and wonderful route together, while looking fabulous.  I had such a wonderful time!  Grease Rag bought a round of treats, and we had some fancy cocktails at Jax Cafe in NE together, before we rode back to Sunrise.  Thank you to everyone for making it a special night.

At Jax, we informally discussed Fresh and Fancy tips, and I jotted down the top three that I overheard.

1. Wearing rompers seems like a good idea, but they are just as difficult as bibshorts when you have to use the bathroom.

2. Cornstarch is a great anti-chafe on inner thighs and under breasts.

3.  Cornstarch is a good "dry shampoo" for fair-hair, and cornstarch + cocoa powder is a good dry shampoo for dark-hair.  Bonus- If you use the cocoa powder, you'll smell like chocolate!

XO Vain has a series of articles that are relevant, check them out if you want even more tips for staying fresh, and fancy.

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