FTW Artist- Theresa Ptak

By : Lowrah · August 4, 2017

Grease Rag has a great collection of buttons designed by local artists. Our mission is to support and uplift FTWs, and we like to commission FTWs to show off their talents and create buttons for us.


These "bike camping" designs are going to be gifts to our campers at Grease Rag Group Camp 2017, and were designed by Theresa Ptak. They donated their time and talents, and we are so grateful!


Theresa is a graphic design/illustrator nestled in South Minneapolis.

Tell us about yourself!

Currently really into dried mango, light shitty beers, and listening to a lot of 90's r&b and Carole King. (Legendary Demos album. Omg.)

Why do you want to create art for Grease Rag?

I would love the opportunity to design for Grease Rag! A friend introduced my to the community last year and I was immediately drawn to the personalities found in this group of strong, independent W/T/F. I have gained so much strength and empowerment in learning even the basics of scootin' around town through the open workshop nights and other ride events.

These designs are so beautiful! I Can't wait to make these up and hand them to our beautiful group of camping friends on August 12th.


Follow Theresa at dribbble.com/theresaptak


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