Full Moon Ride- Chocolate Fondue Edition

By : Lowrah · February 2, 2014

It is that time of the month again!  Full moon will be rising, and on the the auspicious February 14/ Valentines Day date.

This post explains what inspired us to start riding during the full moon, our bike soul sisters, the Ovarian Psycos.

Friday, February 14
Molten Chocolate Moon
Meet at Sunrise Cyclery at 7pm, roll out at 7:30


Meet at 7p at Sunrise Cyclery, roll at 7:30.  Mostly trails, this ride is slow and steady, "Muppet speed," and is open to everyone!  Bring lights and a helmet.  DRESS WARMLY.  Bring some snacks or a beverage, respect our moon mother, and HOWL like you mean it.

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Do you have fun going on group rides with us?  You should lead a ride!  These monthly rides only happen if someone steps up to organize it, which just involves setting up Facebook event (I can do that so it invites everyone in the group) and leading a slow ride.  You don't even have to have a destination!  It can be a loop!  It can end in Wisconsin!  Whatever you desire.

Truthfully, the more variety we have in organizers, the more fun this ride will be.  Let's keep it going, and let's keep it fresh.  Post on the Facebook event that you want to lead next month, and that's all you have to do!  You can ask for support there, too.



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