Fundraising Party

By : Lowrah · August 29, 2014

Our Spare Change Round-Up fundraiser was a great success!  We raised almost $1000.  Naturally, we decided to have a party, to celebrate.  We wanted to get together to say THANK YOU to all of our volunteers and facilitators for participating, and all of you for putting a little scrilla in the collection jar.

We started the evening with a Grease Rag Open Shop Tour Ride.  Kat lead a ride to all of our open shops, to meet the facilitators and see the spaces that host our open shop nights.

We met up at Sunrise Cyclery then rolled out to Grease Pit Bike ShopRecovery Bike Shop, U of M Hub Bike Center, and ended at Spokes for a pizza and beer at our Good Ol' Grease Rag Get Down.  We weren't able to see Venture North this time around, but it will be on our 

We took some family portraits, and I think they came out great!  Props to our photgrapher, Ben Hovland.

Beautiful people! Photo by Ben Hovland

Scramble face! Photo by Ben Hovland

BIG thank yous to Andrew and Spokes for hosting, Pizza Lucé Seward / University for the 'zza, Jamie Mcdonald of Sunrise Cyclery for buying our beer, Kristy of the Beez Kneez for giving us a tour of the honey house, Ginny for organizing the shop tour ride, Kat for leading, and our Grease Rag volunteers for hosting us at their shops along the ride. TEAM EFFORT!

Rolling with the keg, and a truing stand hitched a ride!

Major grattitude to all of our respectful and beautiful guests, for making our celebration a success!

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