Grease Rag Group Camp 2017

By : Lowrah · August 3, 2017

Grease Rag is all about community. Gathering together is a sacred act of power and love. And gathering together, outside under the Perseid meteor shower? What could be more special?


Grease Rag Group Camp August 12-13, 2017

Deadline to register: August 8

Every year we host multiple bike camping trips. We try to do a lot, so you have to worry very little. We want our trips to be accessible to as many FTWs as possible! Inspired by this year's successful Beginner's trip, and the BIPOC Beginners trip, we wanted to host an FTW-only group camping retreat!

So what does that mean?

Low barriers!

Don't want to/can't bike? We have a vehicle to get you to the camp site. Don't want to/can't pay $20? It is a sliding scale of $0-$20 fee, with the cost of the trip being about $8 a person. You choose what you want to pay! Don't feel confident about your ability? You can do this! Our route is mostly flat, mostly on trails, at a casual pace, and we will have mechanical support on the ride. Don't have all the gear you need? We will hook you up with borrowed gear! Our community is mighty, and will provide us with everything we need.


We will have a few ice breakers and casual get to know you activities before and after the ride. There will be games at camp, and nothing is more fun than being in the company of Grease Rag Friends! We will be taking care of the main meal and route planning and transporting gear so you all can focus on FUN!

Safer spaces!

We will have a quiet area of camp, designated people to help deescalate conflict, a safer spaces policy, and name tags with pronouns if people choose to share them. Any concerns or ideas on how we could make this a safer space? Hit us up!


Our goal for this trip is all of the things above, and to get to know each other better. We have space for 30 people on this trip. Not saying that I guarantee you'll meet a bff or anything... but the chances are good that you'll meet some rad FTWs you click with. Let's all be open to the experience of meeting new friends!


Details about the trip

FTW-only! (If you benefit from cis male privilege, you are not welcome on this trip.)

Reserve your spot

Femme/Trans/Women: Let's throw all of our camping gear into some vehicles, and take a chill ride from Powderhorn Park to the city of Carver, 26 miles away. This trip is beginner friendly, and you don't even have to camp/bike! Don't have camping gear? No problem.

Sign up here until August 8 If you do not sign up, you are not able to join us- space is limited! We will send out an email on August 9 to hook people up with gear, etc. Can't wait to camp with you all!

Meet up

Saturday, August 12, 12pm. Meet at Powderhorn Park, near the corner of 10th Ave S and E 34th St. Be there by 12:30 so we can get all of our gear in the van. At the park we will have a welcome activity, and some stretches to warm us up. Our planned roll out is 1p.

The ride

The ride is almost all on trails, with a couple of significant hills near camp, but otherwise very flat. There will be multiple ride leaders, mechanical support, and 30 of us riding together. This will be a great experience!

To get us to our campsite along the MN River we have a 27 mile route planned out using mostly trails. We will be taking the Midtown Greenway to the Cedar Lake Trail to the Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Trail and for a small section (due to trail closure) we will be on some road side trails/shoulders. 

There will be two planned out stops along the way: Depot Coffee House and Lake Riley Park. The first stop will be at the Depot which is about 8 miles in. This is a trail side business that has food and beverages for sale. They have bathrooms inside and there is a water fountain outside. Our next stop will be about 9.5 miles further along the route at Lake Riley Park (total miles biked so far 17.5). We will stop here for a break plus lake side snack time.

Camp particulars

We will be camping at Riverside Campsite, in the city of Carver. This park has Porta potties. We must bring in our own water and firewood. You will not be able to park your car in the campground


We will be providing some meal basics (vegan, halal, rice and lentils), but you are responsible for bringing your own snacks and we welcome you to contribute to the dinner/dessert meal! We will be having a "salad bar" where we provide some lettuce, and you all can bring a protein, dressing, veggie... whatever you like! We will have a basic breakfast (granola and fruit) in the morning, with an optional brunch spot on the ride back. Please bring your own plate, bowl, napkin, fork, knife, spoon, mug, cup. We will not be providing these things unless you specifically reach out.


This is a sliding scale cost trip, with a suggested donation of $20. If you are not able or unwilling to donate, Grease Rag funds will be used to cover the cost of your spot! We want all FTWs to camp with us! We are able to have 20 people on the site (we can get another site if there is interest) and if we get 20 people, the cost of the trip will be $10- to cover gas, food, sites, wood, etc. Please consider donating to cover the cost of someone who might not be able to pay! Thank you!

Email questions to with the subject "Grease Rag Camping Retreat."

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