Grease Rag's Sixth

By : Lowrah · August 2, 2015

Party with heart

In typical Grease Rag style, we had a great Blue Moon Birthday Bash.  Over forty foxes came out to celebrate, and we brought over 20 items to the Exchange Food Shelf.  What a great start to our seventh trip around the sun together.  I can't fully express how much this night meant to me.  There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for all of you.


Go around question: What does Grease Rag mean to you?  

Bri said she liked that it was a "choose your own adventure" kind of group where you can choose how you participate.  I really liked that!  She started a thread on the Facebook group for people to answer the question online.


Tammy of Rainbow Chinese set up a great feast for us!  Thank  you to the Grease Rag fundraiser, we were able to have a great party.


Photo by Ginny Marie Herman

Tammy also set up a bike parking area in her "valet parking spots."  Look at all those bikes!  So many of them have come through Grease Rag open shop nights.


Look at those proud Grease Rag flags fly!  We were able to buy these banners and pay Clive to make these flags with funds from our last fundraiser.


Ashley made such beautiful cupcakes, transported by bicycle, that Tammy asked if she was looking for work!  This is an example of how awesome the Grease Rag family is... I mean, just look at these displays of sugary love.


Over 40 people showed up to eat!  We ran out of chairs quickly, even with people coming and going.  We collected over 20 items for the Exchange foodshelf, too.  Thank you!


Photo by Norm Kimball Jr.

We bumped some tunes, and drank some champagne with our birthday donuts, and swam in the lake. (Thank you, Holly and Zack!)

We howled at that blue birthday donut moon, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thanks, WTFs!  See you soon.

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