Happy Fifth Birthday!

By : Lowrah · July 13, 2014

It fills my heart with pride and joy to announce that Grease Rag turned 5 years old on July 7, 2014.

In honor of our collective birthday, we went on a bike ride!

Photo by bemused bystander

We stopped for snacks at Gold Medal Park.  What a beautiful group of people.  Not all of the people that started with us finished the ride, and not all of the people at the end of the night started the ride with us.  A perfect metaphor for the comings and goings of Grease Rag Friends.

We had a cargo bike with speakers bumping tunes by request, and a trailer with a cooler full of yummy treats!

Thank you for bringing the Coke, Andrew!  It made Tina's day.  =]

Photo by Bri

For PRIZES, we gave away 4 copies of PSI Cycling Journal, and 5 copies of Little People, Big Trees.  Both of those are projects created by Grease Rag friends.  They are super rad, and if you can't get a copy of your own, you are welcome to borrow mine!

We ended the night swimming, as the full moon rose over Cedar Lake, and BOOKING it to my house to try to escape the voracious blood-sucking mosquito beasts.


I can't wait to take another cycle around the sun with you, Friends!  Grease Rag, forever.

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