June 6 Group Camping Trip- Recap!

By : Lowrah · June 14, 2014

We got a little wet, but our spirits were not dampened!  Thank you to everyone that came out on our 4th Annual Carver Camping trip. I had a great time meeting you all.  I took some photos of people's bikes and setups, and I recommend flipping through them!  Until next year...

Photos of bikes and the people that rode them


Claire says...

I'd never had veggie packets before this trip and I discovered they are the MOST delicious way to eat veggies while camping (and maybe at home too!) After some quality time in the fire, the foil packages revealed buttery, garlicky, mushy, warm goodness. 
My favorite moment of the trip was sunset by the lake. We finished dinner and wandered down to the lake in groups. As the sun slowly went down, the sky filled with pure yellows and pinks and we fell into silence, taking in the lushly colored sky in front of us.  Sunsets have long been one of my favorite parts about being outside. They're different every night and never fail to fill me with wonder at the beauty of the natural world. I often find myself caught up in the little, inconsequential details of my life and stressed out for no real reason. Sunsets remind me that I am a tiny speck on this planet and the universe is larger than anything I can comprehend, so why worry? 
As for feedback, I think we should talk a bit beforehand about how to communicate on the trail. People yelled out "clear" and "slowing" from time to time, but I think we would travel more efficiently if everyone knew the lingo and felt comfortable using it. 
Rhea, Mike and I had a beautiful trip to Stillwater today. Lots of sunshine, downhills (and uphills of course!) and time spent lolling in the grass at lunch. And one very quick trip to Wisconsin, just to say we'd crossed the state line. One gentleman confused us with the Tour de France as a joke, but what's that even supposed to mean? We also discussed using Jen's technique of swerving to deter huge trucks from passing too close to us. Yeah knowledge sharing!

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