Longboard Girls Crew- "Carving the Mountains" by Juan Rayos

By : Lowrah · July 17, 2011

I recently watched this film, "Carving the Mountains" by Juan Rayos and loved it.  The music was cool, and the skaters all look like they're having a great time with each other, and they have skills!  Check it out.

Carving the Mountains

Una tarde patinando en la sierra de Madrid A spring afternoon in the Madrid Mountains. Con la chicas de Longboard Girls Crew http://www.facebook.com/longboardgc Música: Pascal Comelade - Rue Des Soeurs Noires The Decemberists - Rox In The Box

The film led me to the Longboard Girls Crew, at longboardgirlscrew.com.  The group seems like a pretty righteous group of ladies, promoting girls that longboard and encouraging allies to be involved in supporting them.  This is from the About section of their webpage:

Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) was created by a group of girls that tired of being always a minority in male dominated crews, understood that something had to be done to fill a void existing within the world of longboarding: an international female longboarding community. These girls realized that when skating together the vibe was different, they felt more confident, relaxed and couldn’t but imagine that same happened everywhere else. So, why not encourage this kind of encounters to take place more often? Where are the girls and how can we get them together?

Since its beginnings LGC has gradually become a supportive platform that allows the interaction between girls who skate or are interested in taking up longboarding find a place where they can meet other girls, show their talent, create local crews, share tips, where skate-meetings are arranged etc. In short a place that spreads the stoke from the girls point of view.

Talented female skaters have been practicing and competing at a professional level since the 1960’s, yet the sport still continues to be plagued by the usual gender stereotypes; people are surprised to see girl skaters, and even girls themselves have been put off by skating. Perhaps this happened in part because a community and support network like LGC didn’t exist up until now.

Therefore one of LGC goals is also to bring public awareness to the fact we’ve been skating for a while now, and we’re still going at it, and we’re going to keep on going for a long time to come.

Taking all this into account, we are proud to launch our new site where girls skaters will be the main subject. In this site you are going to get a closer approach to the female longboarding scene, find updated information about events & competitions that has got female participation, and any other valuable longboarding material.

For the guys out there, you are also welcome to participate, support the girls and be part of the community, this is open to everybody.

Longboard Girls Crew

Saturday morning cruising and rocking around Madrid with the Longboard Girls Crew. Special thanks to the spanish team, Ana, Bea, Bego, Carla, Emma, Hännä, Jacky, María, Kati, Maitane, Maryele, Paula, Sophie and Valeria.

Another LGC film by Rayos, "Girls Can Ride"

Keep on dancing, sliding and carving, Girls Crew!

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