Minneapolis Affair 3/18 Photoshoot- Anh

By : Lowrah · April 11, 2011

Minneapolis Affair 3/18 Photoshoot- Anh Nguyen

Caption: Photo of Anh Nguyen taken by Wynona Grey of Minneapolis Affair

These portraits are the result of a collaboration with Minneapolis Affair, a "style and culture blog aimed at presenting the city of Minneapolis through the eyes of a professional portrait photographer. It’s a celebration of the city’s vibrant art community, socially responsible attitudes, and natural affinity for design.”

In an effort to create more positive images of WTF cyclists, Wynona Grey, the photographer at Minneapolis Affair, teamed up with Grease Rag and took some fabulous photos on the Greenway.  We hope to recreate this photoshoot throughout the year to capture WTF (women/ trans/ femme) cylists in all seasons.

More of Wynona's cyclist portraits can be found on our friendly neighbor-blog, Cycle Twin Cities.

Please respect the Creative Commons license on these photos.  Feel free to post them as you wish while linking back and giving credit to Wynona Grey of Minneapolis Affair.  Thank you!

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