Momentum- Minneapolis Presents Calendar

By : Lowrah · November 5, 2010

From Momentum Magazine, "Calendar Girl"

The 14-month Minneapolis Presents 2011 calendar features local women who are active in various cycling-themed events and projects in the Twin Cities. All proceeds from the sale of the calendars to towards Grease Rag - a biweekly group ride and open workshop targeting female cyclists.

...Minneapolis Presents was conceived by a group of four women who love to bike and wanted to support programs that encourage and facilitate women's cycling.

...The Minneapolis Presents calendar will feature images of female-identified cyclists. Including among them are leaders who organize diverse cycling events, such as the Bicycle Film Festival, the Babes in Bikeland and All-City Races, Art Crank and Minneapolis Bicycle Polo.

You can purchase calendars at various retail outlets as well as online.

There are some errors* in this write up, but it's nice to see Minneapolis Presents getting some ink!  (With links back to Grease Rag!  Woo!)  Well done, Team Minneapolis Presents.  Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

I hope all of you are planning on coming out to the Minneapolis Presents calendar release party on Friday, November 12.  I have a post about it coming up shortly, but you can easily find more info on Facebook!

*Errors:  Semantics, but we are targeting WTF (women/ trans/ femme) cyclists!  It has not been decided whether or not we will use the money towards a stipend for a WTF mechanic, although this option is on the table.  (Come to a Grease Rag meeting and tell us what you think we should spend the money on!)  We just had our 1st anniversary in July, so we aren't quite two years old yet, but we are on our way!

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