New Facilitator at Spokes- Tina!

By : Lowrah · August 12, 2013

New Facilitator at Spokes Grease Rag

Tina has been attending Grease Rag since March, 2012, and we are lucky to have her join our team of facilitators!  Spokes Grease Rag happens in Seward from 7-9p on 2nd and 4th Mondays.  Join Tina, Spanish, Ana and Andrew for some wrenching!

I asked Tina for a short statement about how she got involved with Grease Rag, and why she wanted to be a facilitator at Spokes.  Take it away, Tina!

I've been going to Grease Rag ever since the International Women's Day bike ride in 2012. The following Thursday was my 1st Grease Rag.  I've decided to become a facililator because I love the Spokes location, and the people are so awesome, and the growth potential is so good.  I have 3 bikes: My big red road bike, a green and silver bike, and a 3-speed winter bike. My favorite is Big Red. It gets me where I want to go, quickly.  My talents are more people-oriented, but I'm getting better with bike problems.  Being trans I know the downside of feeling not wanted. I especially want everybody to feel like they are special and very much wanted in this space and organization.

What is a "facilitator"?

A facilitator is the point of contact for a Grease Rag location.  We like to have at least two facilitators for each location, so that we can work as a team.  Facilitators make sure the following things happen, but they don't have to do everything themselves!  Many hands make light work.
  • Set the VIBE and FORMAT for a space- Does an event have one hour of instruction and then one hour of open shop like Recovery GR?  Do we ask people to bring snacks, etc.?
  • GREET people coming in and make them feel comfy in the space
  • ENFORCE safer space rules- We try hard not to police bodies or allow sexist or transphobic behaviors.  If you see something, speak to a facilitator!
  • Facilitate a GO-AROUND to give people an opportunity to share their names, preferred gender pronouns, and maybe answer a question
  • COMMUNICATE with other facilitators and volunteers as needed
  • ASK FOR HELP or resources if they/ the space need them
Despite the big responsibility that the facilitator has to show up and make shop nights happen, we don't want to create too much of a hierarchy between the "facilitator" and the rest of the team/ volunteers.  We like to have a designated facilitating team for each location to make communication easier and to encourage each location to have its own vibe, but volunteers and participants can do any or all of the things listed above.

Location: Seward

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